Accord/7th Gen Rebuild or Write Off?

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    Under tray ordered for £50 delivered... I cannot find the right kind of clips though. Thought I had but they're not for the 2003-2007 7th Generation tourer... So if you have any links to them on ebay please post them... I know I could get them from HH, but money is a primary factor here... A bag of 20 clips can be had for about £5 (which is what the 2 bags of different clips for the top cover cost). I also can't find the wheel arch liner clips... so links for those too please.

    There are also some metal clips and bolts on the under tray that need replacing.. the clip is a U shaped one that slots over and the bolt then goes though the tray and the frame into the rear of the clip. They look like M6 bolts... but to be honest I'd happily fit new clips and bolts. Not sure how many are needed.. I think 4 plus all of the plastic push clips.

    OK.. found a set of clips for the bumper, under tray, wheel arch liner all in one little pack for £10
    Plastic Trim Clip Kit for Honda Accord- Bumper, Wheel Arch & Undertray Clip Set | eBay

    Wing is this one. Fingers crossed the wing has nothing wrong with it, I can't see any visible deep scuffs or scratches... so hopefully minor blemishes that a good cutting and polishing will remove or at least render virtually unnoticeable or of any concern... I can't afford to repaint wings or doors.

    HONDA ACCORD 7th Generation 2003-2007 O/S RIGHT WING IN BLUE B507P | eBay

    Under Tray

    Struggling to find a door, everything is either stupid prices or from a FL that has loads of chrome trim around the upper part... can this be easily removed? If so I can get one and remove this trim from mine and fit to the new door... Or would it be better to purchase new trim? It's the bit that goes from the mirror to the top of the window, and the bit from the mirror to the rear below the window... My car has neither.
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    OK, all the parts have been sourced...

    Hope to start swapping parts out ni the next week or so... but just had the EML come on showing P2004 which from what I've found out and been told is the frequency solenoid valve... I can find the part on lings but it's £160, checked over on Cox and they only have the part for the FL model 36190-RBD-E01 and I need 36190-RBD-E02 it seems.

    Will try HH on Monday to compare prices... but it's yet another expense I can't afford... I'm starting to wish I'd bought something else instead after the accident instead of repairing it... but spent too much now to stop.

    The new door is from a FL model and has the extra bit of chrome trim... can't afford to replace that now as it's another £75 on top of everything else... so I'm gonna spend £15 on a can of plastidip paint and do it that way and cross my fingers it looks ok.

    All 4 wheels have now been refurbished and new tyres all round (some done before the accident, just 2 remained to finish the lot).. there's still a Hunters 4 wheel alignment to do and an aircon regass... but the aircon may have to be postponed now too... summers almost over anyway... and aircon only struggles if the temp gets over 24-25º.. I've got windows and a sunroof. :Smile:

    New door also has tinted glass and I really like it... so may look into getting mine done in the new year if funds allow... but perhaps not worth doing on a car this old... wait until I replace it and find one with tints next time.
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    Finally got around to some repairs this weekend... Once again a massive thanks to Richard (Nighthawk) for coming over and doing the majority of it... Due to my own health issues with arthritis related issues in my back and knees, and a lack of strength in my upper arms... I'm unable to strip down and repair cars like I used to until around 6yrs ago.

    The main focus was to replace the door and front wing that were damaged in the accident... Ran in to a few unexpected issues, but either worked around them or am prepared to live with them as they are.

    Strip down was quite quick, I got on with removing the door card, trim and so forth whilst Rich got the front bumper hanging down and the headlight off, ready to remove the wing.

    Then between us we removed the door after we'd stripped out the door lock barrel, glass and rubbers.. Discovered a few screws/bolts neither of us were aware of... We really should have read up on it before hand rather than going in with previous experience of doing similar jobs on other jap cars... they're all kinda the same, but not quite. :Smile:.. and throw up enough differences to stump you momentarily every now and again... But Rich and I both have experience in car maintenance accrued over many decades between us, and I've got an engineering background from my younger days.. even if I've not actually worked in the field for 25yrs no. :Smile:

    Couldn't have tackled this job on my own, so having Richard volunteer his time and his wealth of experience to walk me through all the things I didn't know about Accords (give me a Mazda MX6 and I can talk most people through stripping one of them down).. and he takes the time to explain what he's doing as he goes, which helps a great deal... I may not be able to tackle these things, but I can and do share knowledge I learn to help others if I can.

    So within about 90 mins or so... the car went from this as it looked at the time of the accident.

    To this after removing stuff
    2017-10-14 10.04.03.

    Then we hit a few snags we weren't expecting... the door was from a facelift model, and the mirror had folding mirrors and a button where the PFL has
    the mirror heater button... so we assumed wiring looms were slightly different, and decided we needed to swap them over. It meant that I also had to refit the old mirror with the badly scratched cover... so I need to figure out how to remove the cover from the new one, and fit it to the old one. We also had some issues getting the locking barrel out due to the anti theft shroud around it... Was a pain to get access to some of the screws/bolts.. but he managed it in the end.

    Refitting was a reverse process, and once the wing was on, we aligned it and made a pretty damn good job of it... panel gaps between the bumper and the bonnet were damn near the same as the other side, and the colour match between the new wing and the rest of the car is really good... you'd be hard pressed to notice it's been replaced.... once I removed the writing from the seller. :Smile: Headlight and bumper were refitted and it then looked like this.

    2017-10-14 11.36.10. 2017-10-14 12.51.12.

    Then we moved onto the door... and got that hung and nipped up so it could be adjusted... My neighbours son popped over to chat at the right moment and we grabbed him to help me hold the door steady whilst Richard got the hinges bolted up... then it was time for some adjusting to get the door gaps right... that's when we hit another snag... whilst the panel gaps at the B pillar, top and bottom are near perfect.. the gap at the A pillar between door/wing is wider than the other side... and the wing is sitting a fraction proud at the crease.. perhaps 2-3mm.. You can see the gap is a fraction wider than you'd expect.. but not so it looks bad, and the raised part can only be seen if you look down on it from above and run you fingers across the gap... To be honest, I can live with it and i wasn't about to have Richard removing the wing to play with the alignment.. the blokes doing all this out of sheer kindness and I already feel like I'm taking advantage... it's close enough. :Smile:

    So the wiring loom got swapped over, the lock barrel refitted, then the anti theft shroud and all the other bits and pieces.. then came the moment to fully test the the locking mech and window glass alignment.

    Locking side of things went perfectly... no problems, remote locking works as expected, catch works fine, so does the deadlock... aligned the glass and tested... auto close wouldn't work... reset it... still wouldn't work... played with that for about 30-40 mins try to reset it and it closed and bounced back when using the auto feature... Manually it worked fine. So we left it at that and we'd do some research to see if there's another method to reset it.... Turns out there was, I got an email from him this morning saying there was a procedure to clear the memory... and I replied with a link to the exact same procedure I'd found just 30 mins beforehand.

    It's this in case anyone is interested.

    Power window gremlins - Automotive Service Professional

    Took me a few attempts to get the sequence right as you have to repeat it 4 times and each step has to be done within less than 5 seconds of the previous one or you start over again... 3rd time it worked... and my auto windows work perfectly once more.

    Car now stating to look like it should once more.
    2017-10-14 12.50.21.

    Now we're not quite finished... you may notice that the door still has a piece of chrome trim... whilst the rest of the car doesn't... I was able to swap over the lower pice... but the upper one is glues on... and a replacement piece is around £70-80 on lings inc shipping... and I'm not certain it's the right part as they sometimes only list the FL parts.

    So.. I'm going to buy a can of plastidip, and spray it matt black and hope that works... if not, I'll get it vinyl wrapped instead.

    We called it a day at that point, as Richard has his own life to lead and he'd been working hard on the car for almost 5hrs... Only things left to do are fit the undertray and do the gearbox oil change.

    Cost wise... well, after paying excess and buying the car back.. out of £1700, I had £1212 to work with, I've refurbished 2 wheels, bought one new tyre, a wing, door, undertray, clips, and other little bits and bobs.. Inc the minor repairs required to get the new MOT and the car back on the around £250-300 for parts and another £340 for the wheels/tyre/MOT/Bushes/Droplinks... There was going to be a few extra jobs done.. but other things got in the way... the FSV valve failed and that was a £150 repair, but easy to do and took me 10-15 mins. I also got caught speeding on a section of road that's deliberately reduced to catch people out... it's a section of major A road, with no turnings off/on it between 2 roundabouts that is 60mph before and after.. but for some reason is reduced to 40 for that 3/4 mile section... and that's were they park the fracking camera van to bump up their revenue stream... I was happily driving along keeping up with traffic and we're all doing 55mph in what we all think is a 60mph section of road as before.. don't get me started on the inadequate signage... and get hit with a speeding fine and 3 points because 55mph in a 40mph limit is 2mph above the limit for the speed awareness course... My first points on my license in over 20yrs.

    So that's another £250 out of the insurance budget bringing the total to around the £800 mark... and the car is worth around the £800-1000 mark now as it's Cat-C.

    The rest of the insurance money went towards some repairs to the house that needed doing, and I had some birthday/xmas money saved up which went towards upgrading my PC a little bit and replacing one of the monitors that failed a couple of months ago... So I now have an upgraded CPU in my gaming PC (FX 8350 CPU overclocked to 4.4Ghz) and a 3 monitor setup.... that looks like this now. :Smile:

    2017-10-10 16.25.07.

    Richard doesn't accept money.. which is great because I couldn't afford to pay him... but he does thankfully accept cold drinks (it was a lovely warm day on Sat) and a big family box of biscuits.

    I've said it before... but it needs saying again... he's a top bloke who goes out of his way to help others and I couldn't have done this without him... the car would likely have been replaced and scrapped if not for his dedication and knowledge.. and it's a crying shame that he's no longer on here... but it's no surprise given that a large section of the most knowledgeable and helpful people have been systematically driven away from this site... You need people like that.. you can't drive them away, because it's killing this place.
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    That's a great write-up @Heckler :Thumbup:

    Good to see that your Accord lives to fight another day, and very nice to hear of the help that @Nighthawk was willing and able to provide.

    Excellent stuff. :clap:
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    Well done the both of you-excellent work, obviously a big thank you to Richard for the help out. Honda Karma through and through.
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    Not really Honda Karma if the guy helping out Heckler has been driven off the site....
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    That as maybe, but he helped a fellow Honda guy who was unable to do the job himself that's karma in my book.
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    I know Richard personally and he is straight up a very nice guy. Like a lot of good knowledgable members he's not frequenting HK anymore which is indeed a big loss to everyone.
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    @Heckler that was a great write up and I am truly glad that you and Richard managed to repair your car to what looks like an excellent standard! It seems as well that you too have been caught by the prefacelift and facelift model differences, I didn't realise that some of it went that deep.
    - - - Updated - - -
    I've just checked on Lings and compared part numbers for both the door and the hinges and they are identical from a 2003 to a 2008. So I can't understand why you have a gap.
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    We don't think it's the door that's the problem.. it's the wing... It's possible that it's been ever so slightly put out of perfect alignment at some point during removal or transport. It's only noticeable from a certain angle and I'm not fussed about it.
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    It's possible mate, that it's the wing that's slightly out
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