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    About 18 months ago, I have my front and back bumpers resprayed, all was well until about 6 months ago.

    When selecting reverse the rear sensors speaker would "Beep" all the time intermittently!

    Yesterday, I decided to remove the paint around each "Valley" of the sensor as some of the paint was flaking a bit. I'll put a photo on here if anyone needs clarification.

    By removing just the flaking paint in the vallie's I hope/seem to have fixed this problem!

    Below applies to Honda brand rear parking sensor kit;
    Also, on the parking sensor brain (black box) there is a set of dip switches, one sets the volume from high to low! the other 2 change the area scaned by the sensors!!

    I've set mine to low, less annoying, it's been at high since I bought the car 6 years ago!
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    Handy tip :Thumbup: