Rear lip spoiler

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    help oh knowledgeable fellow Honda owners I won
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    the Diffuser ones would look the dogs danggles on that, seen them somewere but don't know were,

    it anit that JDM but hey the Jap's anit doing going EDM are they (should i say that? :Wink: )
  3. that rear under spoiler is the 96-98 coupe version...

    they are more flared - the 99-00 are more subtle and don't flare as much.

    i manged to get one for my coupe on ebay (genuine) a guy was selling it but i did some asking around with a few honda garages and they quoted me this part number and price!

    could be worth to investigate it more (quoting part number for honda and ask them to confirm product and availability)! it doesnt come painted so can end up costing alot in the end! They fit superbly though.

    08F03 S04 600K
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    cool and not a bad price iver
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    That looks fantastic .
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    just sold one of these (GENUINE part) to whiteciviccoupe for
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    Thats the same lip i got on my EM1 ;-)