Guides Rear door window reset after battery disconnection

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    Finland Henri Pälkäne
    This could be handy if you loose rear door window control from drivers door switches.
    My car was in the shop because timing belt job, they disconnected battery for the job of course.
    Because of that i lost driver seat memory and control of those rear windows and here is the trick to get them back:
    - Open the driver door
    - Put the key in the ignition
    - Put the power on or start the car (i started it and let it idle)
    - Open the rear door
    - From the rear door switch roll the window down and when its down hold the switch down more than 5 sec
    - Lift the window up and when its up hold the switch up more than 5 sec
    - Close the door
    - Repeat with the other door
    - Done, now you have the driver door controls back.
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    My offside rear door window won't wind down from both the drivers control or the control on the rear window all others work fine, any ideas very much appreciated
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    Sounds like the winder motor has failed or bad connection to it.
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    Sweden Red B. Uppsala
    Thank you!
    This happened to me last week when my battery was discharged because I forgotr to turn off the parking lights.
    I will try your suggested fix as soon as I get back home.
    My local Honda dealer, who has very little Legend know-how was at loss about what to do so I very much appreciate the information you provided :Smile:
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    Thanks so much for the advice followed your instructions now rear door works perfectly

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    FWIW, connecting a trickle charger in lieu of the battery stops the car forgetting stuff.
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