Suspension, Steering and Brakes Rear damper rate and handling

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    Hi all, a quick question. The one of the rear dampers on the RN6 RSZ is leaking oil and I am having a difficult time sourcing the correct replacement parts. This is an automatic failure and most likely will show as an imbalance on testing if I clean it before hand. Honda parts department says they are not available in any form and H-tune cannot get them or any spurious parts. I really don't want to go to the expense of sourcing Tein coil overs for the entire suspension or similar.

    My understanding some of the differences between the models is the damping force in the RSZ is greater for better handling along with a rear anti-sway bar. The question becomes if I replace the rear dampers with the ones from a different variant of RN6-8 Stream which has a softer damper, (these are more available and should fit) will it greatly effect the handling or safety of the car with the miss matched stiffer front dampers? Its not really used for track or spirited driving.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Hello @jd1959 I'm not sure about changing to softer shocks, it will completely change the ride, possibly in a bad way.
    You could compare the part numbers and possibly find the same one.
    Do you have the part number?
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    I've been rooting for options for a while now. I might be wrong about the damping force but there are a few things that suggest to me the parts are different in some way.

    Chassis numbers RN6 3100001 - 3199999 (mine) use any of the following 52611-SMC-J01/ SMC-J11 SMD-J01 and SMD-J11. This is across all model variants.

    Chassis numbered RN6 100001-3099999 use 52611-SMA or SMB with 6 different endings. This is used across all the model variants.

    Not being an expert do you think am I reading too much into the part number? I can find the SMA and SMB including several spurious Sachs-KYB etc., but the SMC/SMD only cross to an Asian market KYB SR Special damper.

    I have found the SMC (damper only) from JP parts but the price with shipping is eye watering, so much so I'm considering getting the Modulo Blackie struts. For about 350 euro more I'd have all four complete struts and springs new- plus the car lowered 15mm and a 'sport suspension' in an OE setup that won't need an engineers report.

    Ideally I'd be happy with a cheap but quality spurious part that had the equivalent damping rate, we just had to get the pups knee done and funds are a bit tight but the car needs to be sorted to get it to pass inspection.