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  1. mikecrooky Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    hi guys, looking for advice as usuall,
    i own a Honda Spike import , and a few of you helped me out earlier with some part numbers ,, well i have since purchased a 'double din' radio to replace the japanese Clarion radio that came with the car, lovely radio but cannot understand Japanese,, i really don't know if it fits my car yet as i don't know how to gain access to the radio itself as there does not seem to be any obvious way of removing the surrounding facia, i don't want to start sticking knives in cracks to see if the surrounding trim will pop off in case i damage the bezel itself, does anyone know the way to remove the radio easily or do i have to remove the whole dash , thanks .
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    Almost every bit of trim on my dash comes off with a firm pull in the "normal" direction, so I imagine this would be a common feature across Hondas. There are none of the usual trim clips that snap with age and no screws until you get quite deep. To get to the radio, I put the gear in neutral first, else the trim won't slip over the gear shift. Have you tried Youtube? There is a video of someone getting to a StepWGN radio. The Elysion is a pain by all accounts because the radio is highly integrated.