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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by 1964, Wednesday 23rd Dec, 2009.

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    Well basically me and a few of my mates want to go see Avatar tonight and one of the guys agreed to paying via card so that we would be able to book and then just collect our tickets but he's put us all down as students. Now I have an ID card from college so that's okay but some of my friends don't and basically they're wondering if the guy who's paid collects them a few hours before we go and shows them his ID card, would they be fine with that or demand to see everyone's ID? It's at one of the Odeon's just so's you know.
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    Depends how anal your cinema is, most of the time they're too busy and they don't bother asking, but sometimes they want to see everyone's NUS/student cards...all dependent!
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    hmmm cheers :Grin: I was just wondering if it was set in stone that they demand it from you. If it's dependant then i might as well flirt with the chick behind the counter. if it's a guy..well...desperate times... XD
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    You going to the one in the Chimes?
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    Indeed, just got home :Grin: sorry i'd just left when you posted that, so glad I booked em as they sold out at about 8ish just as we got there :Grin: got the front row seats but fucking hell avatar...WOW>