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    England Ed Bradford
    I’m new to forum and will be viewing a CR-V diesel with 75k miles Sunday.
    The car has approved used warranty so will be sorted for 12 months.
    Is there any issues I should look out for ?
    Test drive one today and at 70-80 mph the steering vibrated. That was a problem as it gave me muscle cramps.
    Also the brakes seemed mushy not as quick and efficient as my 2011 X5 brakes. Anyway this will be for short journeys which is not what diesels are for but the petrol version isn’t as powerful and economical.
    I will have to take it in long run now and again like with the X5 but would the Honda warranty not cover the DPF?
    Anyway I was impressed with the handling as it nearly up there with the X5. Driven a Lexus RX 400h which although was a fast as the X5 when you trashed it but no good in the handling dept. It felt more like a boat and the fuel economy was max 30 MPG even for a hybrid.
    So Honda fits in between perfect luxury in Ex spec and handles like a small car.
    Anything is should watch out for with these diesels are they Reliable??
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    England Ed Bradford
    Just bought it today.
    Drives perfect on road. 43mpg on motorway.
    Honda approved used for 12 mths .
    Bumper needs sorting at local Honda at dealer cost.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Been given the DPF leaflet guess I need to read it as it for mostly short journeys.
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    United Kingdom Sandy NORWICH
    I have had mine (2012 CR-V auto) for two years now and not had any problems. I regularly use super diesel, and make sure the car gets up to temperature, if not hot, once a month, or in other words an Italian tuneup.
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    England Ed Bradford
    That’s good to know. Had it nearly a week.. been driving local short trips and waiting to take to motorway soon. I use diesel treatment on the X5 so guess will do same . Will probably use vpower once a month I reckon. No issues so far it’s early days.
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    England Ed Bradford
    My first problem today of all days . The air con is no longer blowing cold air. Had it on a lot over the last few days and it’s packed up.
    Hope it’s covered under approved used warranty. Need it this working this week...:sods law.
  6. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    This could be an issue, the DPF needs a regular run at speed to go through it's regen cycle. So at least once a month you'll need to do a 30-40 mile trip keeping the speed up around 50-60+.

    My current CDTi Accord will be my last diesel, I simply don't do enough long journeys to make a DPF diesel worthwhile. It's borderline as it is with me only saving around 10% in fuel costs over a year.
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    England Ed Bradford
    That’s going to be a challenge. I own another diesel and once s fortnight I do 20 miles at 50mph and the DPF clears soot. Hope the CR-V works in same way.