PS3 HDMI Problem

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    I had a Ps3 for xmas and iv been playing it using the scart connector.

    I decided i wanted to play in HD so today i went and got myself a HDMI cable.

    Iv plugged it in and when u switch the ps3 on it comes up.

    'HD device detected switch to HD channel'

    Press yes

    It changes the PS3 to channel HDMI 1, all good so far

    Then it comes up with some stuff about setting the correct resolution for the TV and then it does this automatically by talking to the TV.

    Atm it looks all good the main menu is in nice HD but when i put a game in and load it the TV loses contact with the PS3 and the screen goes blank.

    Then after afew secs the screen comes back on and its got lines, fuzz and you can't see whats going on, on the game menu.

    So I turned the TV and PS3 off and back on

    It all loads up fine in HD straight to the Main Menu

    Try the game again same problem

    Anyone Know how to sort this out
  2. Lazar Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I've sorted it

    I set the Game Setting/ PS Upscaler to Full screen when it should be on normal :Whistle: :Grin:
  3. will-i-am Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    if u have any problems with anything like that..switch the ps3 off then hold the on button until u here two beeps and then the ps3 will auto pick up the settings
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    ^^ sounds like i need to try this- i have scart, took it to mates and used hdmi. Went through changging settings.. brought ps back home and connected scart and its not showing on av channels, my guess is its trying to use hdmi as thats what the last settings it used were. Any suggestions as to what it could be apart from trying this appreciated :Smile:

    edit: sorted :Smile: ta
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