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    Hi all, just introducing myself, I'm in the market for a reliable family wagon so am here to read up and ask questions about the 2nd/3rd Generation CR-V and the 8th Generation Accord Tourer as these fit my budget! Not much else to say...
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    Hi Jim, I've an 2009 Accord Tourer; what would you like to know?
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  3. SouperJim New Member Getting Started

    My main concern with the accord tourer is the reliability of the diesel, EGR and DPF issues etc. I see you've replied to my accord thread tho, thanks!
  4. Matt at H-Tune Service Team H-Tune Staff

    The diesel's been fantastically reliable, the DPF issue was resolved on post either '05 or '08 models from what I recall, and I believe design changes were made to the EGR at around the same kind of time. DPF issues really only arise due to not allowing a car to clear a DPF though, no manufacturer really designs their DPFs to fail prematurely, it's usually down to cars being used in the wrong applications. For example, it's common practice in most car dealerships to clear DPFs by test driving the vehicle in question up and down a motorway, usually in a high gear to allow for temperature to build in the DPF, which 'forces' a regen.

    Realistically, a little bit of a run on a motorway every 1,000 miles or so will help.

    I've been looking into buying one as a daily to replace the Del Sol (as I'm doing 130 miles a day to commute to Kettering from Derby), while they're a little out of budget, I'm yet to really see somebody complaining about reliability.