Civic/5th Gen Project "Cheap like the Budgie"

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    Project "Cheap as Chips"


    I'm pretty new here so suppose I should introduce myself first of all.

    Just sold my R33 GTR to fund the new house so I'm back in a little EG hatch for now. I've always had a soft spot for these cars as my first car was a Bali and I have always loved em. Anyway, as I am hugely short on cash at the moment I will be doing everything myself, so I am going to subject you all to my toils and troubles so I can hopefully get a bit of sympathy from you all.

    Anyway, after a train ticket to Derby and abou 10 hours later, here she is:





    As you can see it has seen better days. The previous owner was an 88 year old fella who insisted on trying to squeeze it in a garage everynight that was obviously too small for the car. Its only saving grace is its a ESi with only 62000 geniune miles on it. Its obviously structurally sound and feels perfectly staright. So apart from the odd run in with a garage wall or two i don't think it has been in any accidents :Smile:

    May the games begin!
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    Looks like a good base for a project, 88yr old probably never took it into VTEC so you'll have to break her in! I'll have a couple of wings for sale soon (black) if you're interested?
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    yeah, don't thrap it about too soon ... its probably never seen VTEC in its life! lol.

    good base, i agree.
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    Chapter 1 - Get that bodywork sorted!!!!

    Managed to get a couple of hours with the car last night with an aim to starting to get the bodywork/rust sorted. Started by getting those bashed up wings off and the sill covers to check the condition of the sills.



    As usual there is a spot where the rear arch meets the bumper but the under side of the sills look to be in excellent condition.




    As you can see the arch is pretty battered anyway so I decided to wage war on the tin worm and grind it all out and binned those retarded rubber seals :Angry: (what were you thinking honda?)! I'll reconstruct the arch when all the rust is definately out.




    Thats where i called it a night so hopefully I'll get another couple of hours tonight to fight the good fight against the evil tin worm.

    I'll keep you all updated though. Peace!


    Haha, yeah i know. I was trying to break it in a bit on the way home but were still taking it slow. Not too worried about the engine at the moment as I want to go K20 when finances allow. It just seems a shame to bin such a low milage engine!

    All parts greatly appriciated! Cheaper the better. Where are you based. Might already have a couple of wings sorted but I'll give you a shout if they fall through! :Smile: