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    alright chaps,

    looking for some help - my wife crashed her EJ8 a while ago and i've already removed the head/ECU/immo and minime'd her new EJ6.

    I still have the 134k mile bottom end (with the different sump (aluminium, i think?))

    134k mile d16y8 gearbox

    53k mile d16y7 head

    i'm trying to think about what prices to advertise for each part - since i don't really know the Civic scene well enough to price it properly :Grin:

    any help'd be good :Tongue:lot:
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    TBH dude they arent the most desirable parts, IMO your better off putting them on ebay, you should get a better price for them on there than here!

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  4. alanjuggler Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    i think i'll probably just send them off to the scrapyard in the sky with the shell - not really worth faffing around to be honest.

    it'll give me more room on the drive a bit sooner :Grin: