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Discussion in '4th Generation (1992-1996)' started by Cambie, Wednesday 18th Dec, 2013.

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    I'm having some trouble getting a front pipe for my 4th Generation 2.2 VTEC.

    Its a 91 (Japan) and as it wasn't released as 4th Generation in UK until 92 i just run into confused dealers everywhere.

    Its a BB4 H22A which was 2WS.

    Would a 93 UK front pipe fit? I THINK they did a 2.2 VTEC here then. Or any kind souls know of someone who can source it for that specific motor?

    Thanks in advance
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    hi my 1993 2.3 shows 2 engine numbers in the manual twin pipe is h23a engine and single pipe is f20a, f22a engine it has to one of them I guess. the follow on pipes are any engine type. if you check if its single or double that should be enough info to get the part I hope :Search:

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    had a look around ebay there are plenty for all years, single and twin pipes easy enough if you want to have a look good luck :Search: