Pre-Purchase Pre-purchase advice needed for 2006 CR-V

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    I am planning to go and have a look at a 2006 Honda C-RV 2.0 automatic.
    Its got 71,000 miles and was bought by the previous owner as a approved used Honda.
    Its has main dealer service history to 67,000 miles & is MOT till march 2016.

    Is there anything in particular to the C-RV I should be looking for?
    I know my way around cars but have never owned a c-rv. I have driven a couple so know what they should drive like.

    It is a executive model and has full black leather, and seems to have larger than normal wheel arches?
    These are the photos provided by the seller.


    In the engine bay photo there seems to be a stained area, I have marked it with a yellow circle in the photo. I am not sure how bad it is but never noticed that in any of the other c-rv or photos of under bonnet I have looked at.


    The trader selling the car is wanting £5,995 which seems comparable with other cars of similar age and mileage.

    Any comments or advice would be welcomed.

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    The petrol CR-Vs are pretty darn reliable. Have read of this thread Guides - FAQ & Faults but TBH we don't see many faults cropping up at all.

    Listen out for noise from the diff, see if there's any mention of the oil having been changed for the diff.

    Other than that I can't think of much at all really.

    Hopefully some of the current CR-V owners will chip in with their thoughts.
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    Sorry looks like I pasted the link to 3rd generation FAQ & Faults. We don't seem to have on for the 2nd Generation.
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    Thanks for the reply. I guessed from the lack of complaints generally that if the car drives ok and looks ok its got a good chance of being ok.
    I will have a look through the service history for the rear diff oil change. From what I have found on the net its going to cost £200+ for another key so I hope the seller is negotiable if not I will still be looking.
    It would be a shame as the photos of the car attracted me to it in the first place as it looks different to the rest of the CR-V's.

    Setting off to see it shortly.

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    Hi be interested in how you got on, we're thinking of getting a CR-V after seeing one yesterday. Our budget is 3k and we're after a manual. It's the amount of space inside that surprised me, looks like you can get a bulky baby seat and 2 people on the rear seat and have legroom for the front passenger lol
  5. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Replacement keys have to be obtained from the dealer, not sure of the cost but they have to be coded to your cars ECU. Hopefully @Pottermus would be able to advise further on this??

    Any other pictures of the rust area under the bonnet?

    Petrol Hondas are pretty much bullet proof. They say two things with survive nuclear fallout - beetles and petrol Honda engines
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    Just got back. I didn't take any photos as the weather is/was terrible.
    Needless to say I have paid a deposit on the car as it drove well and apart from a couple of age related marks is very tidy.
    The stained area in the photo is next to the brake servo on the bulkhead and its nowhere near as bad as it looks in the photo.
    It will all be dealt with when I pick the car up later this week as will anything else I find.
    The seller had left the car in the garage for me & was dry and fairly well lit so got a good look at the bodywork before the test drive.
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  7. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Look forward to seeing more pictures of the girl when you get her home.
  8. SpeedyGee Club Manager Club Staff

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    Congrats. Look forward to seeing her :Smile:
  9. Davej5 Premium Member Club Supporter

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    That looks like it has quite a few official options including a soft grill protector (the first I have seen with one) running boards and as you say the flared wheel arches, in fact if it has a front skid plate it would seem to be the style pack available at the time.
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    I was looking through the 2006 brochure and it seems whoever bought it new ticked a lot of the boxes for extras that's for sure. Yes it looks like the "style pack" of the time plus parking sensors, Bluetooth and a few things I've not even found yet no doubt.
    I've just rung my insurance company to inform them of the car as I am picking it up tomorrow hopefully. Its going to cost me £100 to change the insurance over but I have declared all the factory options (well the ones I know about so far)

    can't wait to get it home.
  11. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    Congratulations Paul. She does look like a very tidy and well equipped example indeed. :clap:
  12. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Have you picked her up yet?

    How is she treating you? Happy with her?
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    Sorry I haven't updated this thread or started another on my car. Its been quite a busy week with my youngest (she is just 10) having a operation on Monday.
    The CR-V is home and I am very happy with the car.
    I will start a new thread on the car and what I have found as soon as I get some time and take some photos of the car myself.
  14. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Best wishes for your daughter mate, hope all goes well for her and your family. :fingerscrossed:
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  15. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    Hope all goes well for your daughter. Family must come first every time. :goodluck:
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    Thanks, I wouldn't have entertained even looking at the car this week but we went the day before her operation due to not wanting to miss out on the car if it was as good as it looked (apart from a few niggles and things I was already told about by the seller the car was as described pretty much).
    My youngest is recovering well considering what she has had done and its hard for her as she is normally so active. She has to see the consultant mid week so we will know more then.

    Overall its been a hectic week and the weather isn't helping either as there hasn't been a day where I could have taken photos even if I had time.
    I have spoken to the previous keeper of the car (on the phone), she owned it before the guy I bought it from and the first thing she asked me was did I want to sell it her back as she misses her Honda.
    That speaks loads as to what she thought of the car.
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  17. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    Hopefully she'll be up and about soon.

    That's the beauty of Honda. It's why we are so passionate about our cars/bikes/mowers/leaf blowers/generators...
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  18. Nighthawk Club Manager Club Staff

    Kids are great at bouncing back from knocks in life, I hope your daughter is back to full action shortly.

    As @Nels said, there is something about a Honda which just makes you fall in love with it. No car is perfect, but Hondas are pretty close. I drove a Volvo for a few days last year whilst I was fixing my VSA module. Hated it, detested it almost as much as I hate mercedes (don't get me started on mercs :Whistle:), the seats were uncomfortable, it was noisy, cornered like a boat, I missed my Honda. Was so good to get back in her again and drive twice the distance with no back pain whatsoever.
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  19. steve4536 Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Nice looking CR-V. I wished they'd carried on that shape to the more recent ones. Good choice with auto box.........a fine bit of engineering by Honda.
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    Very nice, I do like that meatier arch extensions, wouldn't mind getting a set of them.