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    There's a problem with the video mate :\
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    Just a quick question, does anyone know of any proper powerlifting gyms round Doncaster?
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    Bit out of my local area that sorry..
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    HAHAHA thats awesome!
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    Man your lifting skills are awesome. given me lot of inspiration to do alot more power lifting. Never have done a hell of deadlifting but managed to get to my personal best of 200kgs @ 89kgs after about 3 months of deadlifting. Much respect to what you are lifting !!

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    PB's are pb's.. be proud of your lifts :Grin:

    Competed in the GBPF southwest championships today ran by Bournemouth Barbell. Weighed in at 101.2kg and lifted in "105 open"

    Squat, 230,240,250
    Bench, 150,160,170
    Deadlift, 240,250,260

    Giving me a new total PB of 680kg and winning the class..! Everything just went right today.. Never have I had 9/9 before :Grin: , I figured out just two weeks ago what I had done wrong with my squat form and all the lifts today flew.. Bench was good and CONVENTIONAL deadlift was a breeze given I haven't trained it for nearly 6 months....

    Roll on 4 nations in July
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    Competed for England (first team lad had to drop out so I took his place as I was originally in the B team) In the BDFPA Four Nations. Weighed in at 99kg (100kg senior) in Brentwood Essex..

    Squat - 230, 245, failed 255

    Bench - 150, 165, failed 175

    Deadlift - 240, 255, failed 262.5

    Gave me a total of 665kg. Nothing special performance wise, just wanted to get a feel for the next weights I'm aiming for and if I got them bonus haha being straight off a holiday and not training much lately coupled with the heat i didn't feel 100%..

    I won the 100kg senior class and as a team we won for England :Grin: #winning

    To celebrate me an Sacha hit up the local nandos for the full chicken and embraced the sea of side partings....
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    Christ haven't posted in here Ina while..

    Another years gone by, not British champion this year as I've stepped up to senior but did manage to take silver at the world championships in November after making progress throughout the year..

    Dirty 265kg deadlift tonight, Check out this video on YouTube:


    There's various other new videos on my page too..!
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    After such a long time! I finally bit the bullet haha. SShealth foods belt is great quality! Double prong is a bitch to get off though.

    Aiming for power more so than mass now. and also to do callisthenics on the side too

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    Yeah they're fantastic value for money.!
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    I cannot wait to get back in the gym in january going for power lifting this year, gonna be good fun.
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    Nice one dude :thumbs:
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