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    Was in a car park today(not chavs promise) with my mates around an hour ago, i was on my way home from work and thought i'd just go and say hello, before i arrived they where fucking about sliding around on the ICE and one of them was pulling another boy around on a crate, so obviously police came along, and i was sat at the bottom of the car park with a few others doing nothing, as soon as the police came the people i was standing with drove off, i however didn't cuz i ''thought'' i had done nothing wrong which i hadn't, i drove to the car park said hello to the boy pulling the crate(probably wrong thing to do but hey ho) around and went and spoke to every one else, so then they asked me to get into the back of the car i happily did, not knowing they'd give me some bull shit caution for something i really did not do, i've never been in trouble with the police and never really intended to, anyway as above they gave me a section C59

    Can anyone shed some light on what it is and anyway it can affect me pleeease?

    It has right fucked me off to be honest cuz i really didnt do anything, and ''allegedly'' they saw me on CCTV however i drive i fiesta:Frown: unfortuantely and so do two of my friends so it was just like fuck we'll give them all cautions cuz we can't be bothered to work it out, and then as we were getting spoken to another group of people that we didn't know laughed at us basically, and then did a few handbrake turns and left and it fucked me off cuz the police really just did fuck all! so it was a bit like right your here and we'll just give you cautions cuz we have nothing better to do, i'm sure just a lil word telling us to fuck off would have been adequate. Rant over. sorry for the essay peeps.
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    To sum it up,you pretty much can't do anything 'antisocial' in your car now. Which includes hanging around in car parks. If you do,they now have the right to confiscate your car and crush it.. (They were down our local cruise site the other week crushing cars on some mobile fecking huge car crushy thing)

    Stay well clear mate.
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    Few mates of mine have been C59'd many times so we've looked into it, this is what you should be doing to warrant one:

    In order to satisfy the conditions of issue of a s59 notice, TWO separate conditions must be met.

    Vehicles used in manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance


    Where a constable in uniform has reasonable grounds for believing that a motor vehicle is being used on any occasion in a manner which—


    contravenes section 3 or 34 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (c. 52)(careless and inconsiderate driving and prohibition of off-road driving), and

    ( B)

    is causing, or is likely to cause, alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public,

    Not too sure what it entails though but I have heard that if there is a valid C59 on your vehicle any vehicles registered to you can be seized and destroyed. There have been stupider reasons for getting one, there's a forum somewhere where a guy was caution'd for having a muddy motorbike!! Best thing to do, gather all the evidence you can and if you really weren't doing anything wrong, make an appeal mate.
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    wow i didnt know they could cruch your car. I thought would give you a chance to get it back. I was under the impression they would caution u first time, if you get stopped for it twice they would seize your vehicle and you would be looking and points...but then again he copper who told me was a cunt :Tongue: I am cautioned under section 59 but IIRC it comes off after a year. They give them out for anything these days :Whistle:
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    meeting with like minded people is one of your human rights so they can't do you for just being parked in carpark chatting to people that would be like getting arrested for watching a film in the cinema
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    hmmmm so not much i can do really, to be honest i mate i don't think its worth the time or the effort appealing, cuz their view on it is we're the police we are always correct type of attitude, so ignorant/arrogant cunts basically. Suppose i'll have to stay at home forever haha. It really did hack me off though cuz it was just dog shit, cuz if they had looked into it properly they would have noticed that yes i was there with people doing anti-social activities, although i was not part of these activities, suppose being with hooligans is enough for them to just say fuck it your an ASBO now. Just for the record i really don't mind police at all cuz i am usually a bit of an angel hehe, but this time it really did fuck me off.
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    without going in much detail, section 59 is just a caution, which will stay valid for 12 months, if you commit another offence, u cud be banned, correct me if i wrong
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    drive cheap cars if i was you.......
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    The section 59 notice is only valid if you get written confirmation. the notice is valid for 12 months and if you re-offend in that time your vehicle is seized and crushed or ransomed back to you. It is usually the latter and only crushed if you fail to pay fines/charges and collect your vehicle by a certain date.
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    You do have the right to get your car back, they won't just crush your car. It will be impounded and you'll have to pay a fine to get it back.

    Also you have to admit to an offence to get a section 59, they can't just give you it. Basically what they give people around here when your caught doing something wrong and they have no proof.
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    I bet he was a new copper, New coppers have a tendancy to pull random people and give them anything they can...In this case the dreaded section 59!
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    That will be why the plod have stuck posters up in a local carpark known for cruisers,basically saying that they are now allowed to even stop and chat anymore.

    If the area is known for antisocial behaviour,and you are in the wrong place at the wrong time,they will do whatever they can to hit you with this one.

    Looks good on their records....
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    it depends if the section 59 is on you or the car ? if you get caught being a twat in your car thell take it away... but tbh doesnt seem like your doing anything wrong he obviously didnt get any last night and has a chip on his shoulder! unfortunatally its you that got pwned :/
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    just don't fuk about, drive safe, stay safe and do what ever you want on a track!
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    Cheers peeps, cuz to be honest they didn't really tell me the consequences other than if you make a mistake while driving in the next 12 months again we'll crush your car, to cut a long story short, Was a big piss take, So say i got caught speeding do they have the right to seize my car? As i said earlier i don't tend to fuck about or drive irratically as it is so i should be okies :Smile: , so if i don't get written confirmation then does that mean they didn't pull through with the paperwork at the other end?
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    No you should have the paperwork from when they filled it out. No you have to get a section 59 again to have your car impounded. I wouldn't worry about it too much tbh
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    have a read of article 10 and 11

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    LOL at how going to car parks and talking with your friends is "antisocial".
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    Drive faster, if they can't catch you, sound :Wink: