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    Pirelli P7 Cinturato

    I got these tyres in April 2011, replacing all 4 tyres. My previous tyres were Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric. Tyre size is 225/45 R17 94Y. Note that this is the Cinturato version, not the older (and rather mediocre) P7.

    In no particular order:

    Good. They are MUCH quieter than the Eagles, and quieter than michelin Pilot Primacy that I had prior to the Eagles.

    Good. Softer sidewall makes for a more comfortable ride than the Eagle. Similar to the Primacy.

    OK. Nothing like as sharp as the Eagles, but would you expect it to be? Sufficient, however.

    Very good so far. The Eagles wore so fast you could see it. These much less so. The accord is pretty heavy on tyres but these seem on a par with the primacy (15-20k life), and rather better than the eagles (10k).

    These are a summer tyre, so not expecting great things, but they are surprisingly reasonable. They don't suffer any of the cold-weather unpredictability of the eagles, and work surprisingly well in slippery conditions. When grip does start to be lost it is progressive and you have warning, they don't snap away.

    Fuel Economy
    Definitely better in this regard than the eagle, with much less rolling resistance. Fuel economy is hard to quantify as I've had several months of binding caliper issues which muddy the waters, but prior to those issues I did have some excellent results over the summer. The car definitely rolls easily on these tyres (and that is what they are marketed for).

    Acceleration grip
    Fair. The eagles are incredible in this regard, sticking and making fast getaways very easy. The P7s aren't as good, and you wouldn't expect them to be. They're not terrible either.

    I think the P7 Cinturato is an excellent tyre for the Accord. It's a matter of appropriateness - the Eagles are an amazing sporting tyre. The Accord isn't so much a sporting car, however. It's about comfort and smoothness, and the P7 plays to those strengths far better. I would definitely buy the P7s again.
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    Good review Isaac, but I a still a Yokohama man that tyre can do no wrong in my eyes.
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    Excellent review. I've got a bit of life left on my current tyres but starting to wonder what to get when the time comes. I guess it's always a compromise between performance, wear and ride quality.
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    Good review there!!

    Bridgestone potz are pretty good tyres aswell, nice stiff sidewalls aswell. They are pretty good on the Civic, unsure how they would be on the accord as its much heavier.
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    Some days, the roads are practically flooded here during spring time. So good road grip is of paramount importance for my tires. If these are available in my area, I'll consider them when my car needs new tires.
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    Bought a gen6 V6 that needed the fronts replacing. Newish Avons on the back but went for the P7 upfront and I'm happy with them. Much less tyre noise from the front than the rear.
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    To revisit this thread now...

    I've now put 16000 miles on this set of tyres and have rotated them.


    Excellent. I find the Accord pretty hard on tyres and these have lasted better than any other tyre I've had on here (Pilot Primacy 15k, Eagle F1 Assym 11k). I'm pretty confident that these will get through the 20k mark.

    Fuel Economy

    Consulting my datalogs, there's no noticeable correlation of a change in fuel economy with these tyres. They definitely roll more easily in "feel" than the Eagle, but that's not been reflected in the returned numbers. There are too many other factors at play (weather, change to sharing lifts with someone, etc) to isolate the effect of tyres.


    Of late we've had a fair amount of snow and ICE around west yorks and over to where I work in Oldham. The P7s have proved phenomenally good for a summer tyre in the snow - I've had a much easier time getting through snow than many other drivers, and very significantly easier than the michelin primacy or the Goodyear Eagle F1. No, these are not going to beat a proper winter tyre or a good all season (EG Hankook Optimo 4S or Goodyear Eagle Vector), but they are definitely a cut above any other summer tyre I've ever had.

    Noise and Comfort

    Remain good, although they need the pressure setting right. I've found them to respond quite well to a slightly higher pressure than the Eagles or Primacies. On my 2.0 Tourer 2.45bar front and 2.35bar rear is excellent on these tyres, which is 0.1 above what I found to work best on others.


    I will reiterate what I said before that I will buy these again, although I might move over to the new Blue version (name, not colour) which is the first tyre ever to get a double-A on the new european labelling. This will be the first time that I've ever stuck with the same tyre, which indicates my satisfaction with them. They're extremely well suited to the Accord, and I have them in mind for our next vehicle as well (which will probably be a V70 or XC70 (in which case they'll be Scorpion Verdes)).
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    Thanks for another good review Isaac. Great info for people looking for new tyres.
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    To finalise this one...

    They were still on the car at 20k when it was traded in. There was life in them, but maybe 3-4k left. Still, they were the longest lasting tyre we had on the Accord, the best in poor weather, the quietest and smoothest and easiest rolling.

    For the first time ever, I've been impressed enough with a tyre to buy it again, and today two of the garbage Continental Sportcontacts that the Volvo was on have gone in favour of a pair of P7 Cinturato Blue (which is the same tyre but made lighter, and the only tyre so far to achieve an AA rating in the new european tests). Too early to say much, plus there's still a pair of the hopeless continentals on the car, which annoyingly have too much tread to throw away...
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