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    Before I start, I am using @RogerH69 review as a guide so it may read similar to it.

    I want to point out that I have had problems with the internal amp on my first unit and unfortunately the same on my second unit. The review below discounts those issues but I will address them in full at the bottom.

    On a scale of 1-10 I give the unit a 7. It almost had all the features I needed: single DIN motorised, responsive touch screen, top notch sound quality and RGB input (but no HDMI unfortunately).

    Interface is a solid 10/10. No lag whatsoever and very visually pleasing graphics. The unit itself looks good (to me at least) though it may stick out in older cars due to its "futuristic" styling even though it primarily going to be installed in older cars.

    Audio quality is a 7/10. When compared to internal amps from previous stereos, I would place the Pioneer between the awful Sony's and just under the Alpine's. However on BOTH units the internal amp cut out every few days for a while and there was no noticeable way to reset the amp. Just to confirm, both units were from different batches and manufacturing months (May 2015 and June 2015).

    AppRadio mode does work on my S6 but I have instead hooked up a Miracast dongle to the systems AV input and use that to mirror my phone's screen. This is particularly useful as you can mirror any GPS app that you use on your Android. I personally find it a lot better than built in NAV's as phone GPS systems are constantly updated for free with traffic and speed cameras. However I should point out that an external NAV unit can be purchased to enable navigation on the system via Pioneer's dedicated system (though I have never used it and do not intend on doing so considering that the NAV unit costs around £200+).

    Now normally I would have returned the head unit but there is nothing in the market that even comes close to the Pioneer X7700BT unit and I've always used an external Alpine amp so it doesn't matter to me too much though it may hurt me when I come to sell the unit. So, in conclusion I highly recommend the unit but put the internal amp through its paces to make sure it doesn't cut out.

    As for pricing, Amazon UK were selling it for £350ish, be savvy and use the Euro's weakness to your advantage and order from, fr, es or it. Funnily enough the stock will still come from the UK warehouse but you will pay around £280 in Euros (so even allowing for bank charges, you save a decent amount).

    Photos will be uploaded tomorrow, if you have any questions feel free to ask below.
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    Good review.

    I like that you're using a Miracast dongle. I haven't actually tried a Miracast dongle yet - might give this a try. This way I could leave it connected permanently, hidden out of the way, and cast to it if and when i want....

    Do you know if your unit supports the 'old' AppRadio mode, using AppRadio Unchained Reloaded ? As far as I know, as long as your unit has a USB connection that recognizes the Android phone as well as an HDMI connection, then you should be able to connect your phone to it, and control the phone screen using the touch screen of the head unit (sort of like miracasting I guess, expect you control the phone with the head unit). Only issue issue, is that it IS fiddly to get working and is not rock solid, which is one of the reason I don't use it.

    You mentioned the navigation module - I have one connected to my head unit. It works pretty decently to be fair. Interface could be a bit 'prettier', but other than that, it does the job. I like that it's always running in the background and warns me of speeding even if I don't have the navigation showing :Smile:
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    Yes, I do remember reading that on your review. Is it a yearly subscription or do Pioneer update the NAV unit for life?

    Either way I should probably explain that I may come off rather negative on built in non internet GPS systems after my issues updating the Merc COMAND GPS system. In short it costs well over £2000 yet it can only deal with 5 digit postcodes and has no speed camera POI's let alone alerts! I'm sure the Pioneer is a lot better though :Smile:
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    No HDMI unfortunately, I did take a good look at that system but I'm very content with the wireless Miracast system. I've only encountered lags in very built up areas where the 5ghz WIFI spectrum is being fully utilized (mainly C London).
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    The updates for my Pioneer satnav come from NaviExtras and (as far as I can tell) are free for life. Speed camera POI database has to be paid for though. Can't remember if traffic updates are free or not.
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    I also have this Pioneer unit and an S6 phone. How did you hook up the Miracast dongle to this unit if it doesn't have an HDMI input? I tried the MirrorLink feature and it's total crap. Looking for a suitable alternative without having to mess with AppRadio Unchained as I'm not that tech savvy.
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    Sorry for late reply bud. I ended up getting a HDMI to RCA converter which works perfectly with very little interference
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