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    Hey guys I've been thinking of selling my camera as I don't use it to it's full potential. But I do want to learn. So is there any write ups or anything for beginners or a good magazine or something I could buy. Will most probs be more car photography but also family bits and random things

    Thanks matt
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    Guessing it's a DSLR?
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    Yeah its a dslr mate.
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    The best thing I can say is sit down and think about an area of photography that you are interested in. That way you will be using something you enjoy to practice with.

    Get a book called "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. This book I would say is a must have for people who are interested in photography or want to learn. This will give you a good basis on the principles of photography and how to use the available light etc with your camera. I would say that this is as essential as owning a DSLR, battery and memory card.

    If you camera came with a little pocket handbook, read that too. It will tell you what each mode does, possibly even provide recommendation on what modes should be used in certain scenarios. Take photos outside as well as in. Take photos are different periods during the day both ideally without the aid of flash to start with. It will give you a better idea on what you need the camera to do. In theory, you should in my your mind know the angles etc of what you want from your photos especially from cars since I assume you would see loads on here and through FB etc.

    It does sound like a massive ballache and it is if you try to rush. Just take your time the same way you would do your research on a engine swap, things will fall into place.

    You will want to edit photos so invest in Photoshop (free version equivalent is Gimp) or Lightroom which I prefer since you can edit hundreds of photos within minutes if you wish.

    A good forum to get feedback and massive amounts of knowledge is Photography On The Net. Pretty much where I ended up self teaching myself.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for that make ill try out the things u said. Ill try do some research on that site too.
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    yeah....this is a quick way for you to bore yourself to death and put the camera back up for sale.

    Just take pictures of everything, look at other pictures and try and replicate them, find out what you like about a particular picture and emulate that in your own shots etc.
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    Literally, as gary said, Take pictures of EVERYTHING, Learn the camera, just try out all the settings, if you ever come across me at a shoot/show/meet i still have no fucking idea what im doing, i just do it until i think the pic looks nice, fuck what the books tell ya. use your eyes & go for it!
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    Set yourself or get someone to set you mini challenges that you go at till you get something you like.

    For example one day you get a challenge from a friend who says "take photos of round objects" or if you have more than one lens or even just a kit lens force yourself to take photos of anything but you have to use a fixed focal length, it will allow you to see things differently and understand focal lengths in that if you have the option to zoom you are more likely to just zoom in rather than move around and look for a good angle/zoom range.

    If you stand far away from an object and just zoom in you will make the object look flatter and the content behind further away, but if you took the same shot and forced yourself to use only the widest angle you have you would see the object in a different light because you would have to move physically closer to the object hence changing the perspective and the feel of the shot...

    This is a good youtube channel:
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    Hi. I just wondered if anyone could recommend a cheap 2nd hand camera to take pics of sunsets and landscape views. Id like to create large 2m prints by taking multiple shots to create a panarama view. I've done one with my old Note 4 but obviously when I zoom in everything looks like an oil painting.

    I'm thinking a 20mp upwards and something with a decent zoom. Any ideas? Prices seem to vary quite a bit.

    I did see this on Facebook for £70.
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