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    I've got a 1.5 SOHC VTEC, just woundering which arre the best performance mods and parts for this model?,.. such as exhaust and breathing systems? is there any other decent mods to do? i was thinking about electrical performance mods? or maby a turbo conversion if possible?? can any one help please??? :O
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    do you mean the 1.6 16V VTEC head? does that fit straight on?
  4. daz-civic Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    pretty much ye

    search for information on a mini me conversion
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    you bought a car made for economy...any money spent on the engine is pissing into the wind as far as i'm the Keep the econo light on for as long as possible game

    make the car look good and handle well, then go for an engine swap :Smile:
  6. Bong Guest

    Its an economy car, bolt ons won't do anything for it, maybe free it slightly but cost per gain IMO not worth it
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    For the time & money you put into a 'mini me' you might as well put alittle more money & effort in & do a B series swap. Will be a much better base for future mods & b16/b18's are so cheap atm.
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    Well, go for the normal, I had one, put a 4-2-1 manifold on it, which also decatted it. Exhaust system and K&N panel filter. Also keep it serviced too! Mine managed to make 138bhp at dastek so i was happy :Smile: but as the guys say, its an economy engine so don't waste too much money on it, if you want fast, get an engine swap.
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    my minime'd ek3 with the exact upgrades you had on didnt make that power. rr printout?
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    well at the mo i think im just going to slam her on some ultralights, strip her then some braces ECT then a b16 =]
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    yep got a printout :Smile: and a few ppl from the forum were there to back me up :Smile:
  12. Smiley Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    are you sure it was just manifold, decat, exhaust and air filter. Cos 28bhp is alot to achieve with simple bolt ons, especially from an engine that only makes 110 to start with. Thats a 25% increase. If it is true then i apologise.
  13. AM4R Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    yep dude, just that, it was a really nice looked after engine tbh. I would show u the dyno printout but I've sold the car and thats gone with it, but i assure im not lying :Smile:
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    i can back him up, is there not a picture of it on jdmy0?
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    thanks man. yeah i think there is. on that thread after the meet. what car were you in again?
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    Jesus! Thats seems steep for them few bolt on's...

    Might just have to give this a go with mine!
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    save your money for a dual cam swap.

    its pointless trying to mod a single cam because eventually you'll want more. give yourself a decent base to work with.
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    x2! :nod: