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    Basically, a friend came to me a few weeks ago and asked me and my friends to help them make a film.

    Standard enough. It's his film, his script, his equipment, his money etc. so he put himself in charge of the project with the rest of us working with him.

    Three weeks passed and I approached one of the script writers, asking her if she had finished the script. It was 5-pages long and she hadn't even been given all the plot points. So I told her to contact the guy who started the project and ask him for them as we couldn't proceed otherwise. While she was doing that, I told one of the other people working on the project to hurry up with typing up his notes from a previous meeting as he was also being slow.

    Basically, I took over the project as it wasn't going anywhere.

    In a few days I managed to pull the project into some kind of discernible shape because it had just been all over the place. Then at a crew meeting / script read through, the guy who was meant to be running the whole thing started having a go at me, saying I was undermining him, that it was his money and his equipment and that without him - the project would be nothing. This was in front of the entire crew.

    So I retaliated, told him that his project was nothing and would always be nothing as he didn't have the spine to command anyone and pointed out that in the time he had been in charge fuck-all had happened yet in a third of the time, I had almost got everything ready to start casting.

    It's annoying when people get annoyed that you end up having to do their job because they are slow and/or not fit for the job.

    Spent this morning chasing up more notes and script finalisations because (unsurprisingly) he hasn't done anything about it.

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    Your awful!

    Speaking off films? You finished yours yet?
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    fuck helping someone like that mate. bin it off and concentrate on your own stuff. 
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    porn is a frustrating industry to be working in though....

    ....i know exactly what you mean though...they are shit at their job but somehow they are the top dog :/
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    I wish. Still arguing the toss with the location. We have no realistic alternatives. It has been going so long i am going to roll out shorts i think or rewrite entirely.