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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to give you guys a quick review on the Pela 6000 oil extractor.
    A few members on here use the same or similar device.

    The device allows you to change your oil without lifting the car and removing the sump plug, this is perfect for the I-CTDI engines as the oil filter is located on the top of the engine.

    I bought it recently as I had a £15.00 voucher from ebay, so I thought I would give it a go.


    As I service the Accord every 6k miles the Pela 6000 would prove very useful in the winter months. The idea was to use the Pela 6000 in the winter and then come summer time, service the Accord using the traditional method of lifting and dropping the sump plug. That way the oil is frequently drained.

    Using the Pela 6000 was very easy indeed. Start the engine and ensure it reaches warm operating temperature. Then remove the dip stick from the engine, once removed feed the long black pipe from the Pela 6000 into the engines dip stick tube untill it bottoms out. Ensure the black pela 6000 return pipe is installed into the Pela 6000 cylindrical collection reservoir. Connect the pump to the top of the cylindrical reservoir and then start pumping. Approx 5 to 6 pumps.


    Once pumped, the oil will start to be sucked out of the sump. The pressure will begin to reduce after a few minutes, continue to pump 2 to 3 times to maintain the vacuum.

    Repeat this until all the oil has been extracted. Eventually you will hear the extractor sucking on nothing.

    It takes approximately 30 mins or so to extract the oil.

    Using the Pela 6000, it would not completely extract every single drop of oil from the sump.

    The Pela 6000 reservoir capacity is 6 litres and should be large enough to hold the oil capacity in the I-CTDI engine.

    Once the Pela 6000 sucked all the oil it could, I jacked up the car and removed the oil sump plug. I then drained all the remaining oil in the sump.
    This is the amount that remained. Approx 500ml


    Overall a great bit of kit for very little cost. Convenient if you don’t have access to a trolley jack and axel stands and useful for a quick oil service in the winter months.

    In my opinion it is not recommended to use as a permanent tool for oil services, as I still think the traditional method of draining the oil via the sump plug is very important.

    Note: The Pela 6000 is ideal for the Honda diesel engine purely for the fact that the oil filter is located at the top of the engine. However with the petrol engines the oil filters are usually on the back of the engine block so you would have to jack the car up to remove it. This obviously negates the use of the Pela 6000 and you might aswell use the traditional method of servicing the car in this case.

    Model: Pela 6000

    Place to buy
    -Direct from Pela

    Link from where I purchased it from.
    Reliable seller & 100% feedback
    Pela 6000 Engine Oil Change Extractor Pump Lawnmower 6ltr Free Gloves RS14 | eBay

    Price: Ranges from £36.50 - £55.00

    Quick Video From youtube

    Thanks for reading guys.
  2. Zebster H-Tune's Counsel The Evangelists

    A great review of something I was quite keen to buy. But I'm disappointed that around 500ml more oil was left in the sump than you'd leave when draining conventionally. So I'm not so keen now...
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    Cheers zebster, I was keen on it too hence giving it a go.
    It is great bit of kit, I was too surprised on how much oil was left. Although thinking about it i did have the Accord on front axle stands. So the car was tilted back.
    With this in mind the 500ml of oil was probably sitting at the back of the oil sump when the car was tilted back so the pela 6000 couldn't get to it.

    In hindsight I should have had the car level, but at the time i was preparing the car to drain the sump straight after - lol
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    Ah. I guess that could make a difference.
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    My compressor air operated oil extractor, barely leaves any oil worth mentioning or worrying about in the sump. I would imagine the hand operated extractor is nearly as efficient. So probably just due to the car not being level.

    @Nels has hand operated one, what do you think of yours @Nels
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    Ha, I was just reading this thread when you tagged me @SpeedyGee

    If @Accord_N22's car was level, there would be hardly a thing left in the sump. The oil filter is so easy to get to on the N22A and B that it makes this job so easy.

    @Zebster I think you will really find an extractor worth the money.
    - - - Updated - - -
    See #37 on this thread.

    My 3rd Accord - CN1 (Accord/7th Generation - )
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    Ireland Billy Dor Carrigaline
    Hi,i use a sealey extractor,and v happy with it,not a lot of oil left in sump
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    Ireland Billy Dor Carrigaline
    Great review and I also use a vac pump(sealey) find them fantastic,I use the vac pump twice,then switch to traditional method,and as you say very handy in the winter months for a quick oil / CVT oil change