For Sale Payday Special Deal - Aquacoat Pro

Discussion in 'Commercial Traders' started by CNS, Friday 30th Nov, 2018.

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    Payday Special! Time to get the car ready for the Winter!
    2 years protection and 2 hours drying time.
    Aquacoat Pro- £79.00 inc Delivery instead of the usual £105.00
    Message to get this special deal.

    CNS Aquacoat TEXT.
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    What do you recommend as preparation before application. I would assume to get the best result clay bar and paint correction before applying the product.
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    We'd recommend an iron fallout remover and or clay bar - generally one or the other is enough. If the paint needs correcting, you do this next. Then IPA solution wipe down and finally application of Aquacoat Pro.

    The video above shows the paint correction, IPA wipe down and ceramic application. Before this, it was treated with iron fallout remover and washed.