For Sale Part out - Loads of name brand parts. HONDATA MUGEN PLM SPOON BWR ARP B18 S80

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    United Kingdom kyron Wolverhampton
    Copied from
    I'll be getting more pictures when the cars at the unit to be split.

    Paypal or cash on collection
    Halesowen West Midlands
    All prices exclude fees and postage
    Postage worldwide for the majority of things apart from large stuff

    Approximately 50-60k miles no confirmation but do have the picture of the original clocks before the swap which show 38k and if you reg check my car you'll see I do around 5k miles a year. The car was swapped back in December 2013 from memory. Always ran on V power.



    - JDM B18cr stamped 00 so one of the latest ones produced -

    - recent OEM headgasket

    - ARP headstuds

    - OEM water pump

    - gates timing belt

    - OEM valve stem seals

    - head skim

    - Brand new from HondR complete distributor unit

    - rough smoothed valve cover with cam cut out

    - VMS gold adjustable cam gears

    - BWR cam seal (new and not fitted)

    - Gates low temp thermostat

    - Spoon low temp fan switch

    - alternator & starter

    - various seals and gaskets in packets

    - Mugen baffled sump bought from Ian on here a few years back

    - Magnecor red HT leads



    Bolt ons:

    - genuine AEM fuel rail £70 SOLD

    - genuine AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulator £70 SOLD

    - PLM V2 Bisimoto style manifold with custom 3" collector To a True 3" manifold back for EK hatch (5zigen backbox not included) £500

    - Edelbrock performer X inlet manifold with Skunk2 thermal intake gasket £250

    - OEM throttle body £60 SOLD

    - Custom stainless steel 3" intake with blox 3" V stack and filter £70 (NOT THE PIPE IN THE PICTURE)[xxxencorexxx]

    - Zerg Industries thermal throttle body gasket £20


    - smooth s80 4.7 FD box (would benefit from a new clutch as the bite points right at the top of the peddle now and doesn't grip as it once did) recent box oil with land rover oil £600

    - gear linkage with hardrace bushes £50


    - drive shafts £50

    - preface ek4 loom included £100

    - preface ek4 OEM mounts included £60

    - Blackworks Racing radiator hoses £50

    -Blackworks Racing Black Radiator and slim fan £90

    - Heavy set heater hoses £20

    - Blackworks racing fuel pressure gauge £10 SOLD

    - Hondata s300 V2 Ecu and conversion harness with shift light and launch control £400 SOLD
    CCF09112013_0015 (800x706). CCF09112013_0016 (800x698).
    CCF15112013_0017 (479x640).

    - MSD black version HT leads £40

    - lightweight Fidanza flywheel £80 [xxxencorexxx]

    - RC 440 injectors £120
    CCF10112013 (481x640). CCF10112013_0001 (480x640). CCF10112013_0002 (483x640).
    - Used and slightly faulty Distributor unit ( suspected bearings gone ) £40

    - Tegiwa FLP rep shifter £60

    Engine made 211 at the fly at RDT with a faulty Blackworks Racing fuel pressure regulator, dodgy Blackworks Racing TPS, restrictive heat soaking intake, OEM inlet and an OEM fuel pump that couldn't supply enough fuel pressure. With its current spec it would make more and drivability and torque would be better however never got it remapped due to knowing I'd be going to K swap.

    The swap will be missed as for what it is, a n/a b18 it embarrasses a lot of newer more expensive cars, especially in a lightweight shell not many things can get away from it, on the track

    It would benefit from a new rocker cover as my vented Honda motor co won't be supplied, just a tatty smoothed one. Would benefit also with a new clutch as I'm sure this is still the factory one and maybe some stiffer engine mounts.

    Car is now off the road and the parts will be removed as soon as the unit space is available.

    Smoke ?

    Right now yes it does smoke, but black smoke right up top but that's due to running very rich, afr gauge shows as low as 10.2 on full throttle hence the need for a remap. NO BLUE!!!


    Must say with the 3" in a stripped out car can cause headaches but should be okay in a full interior car, it's not loud until above 3k revs, when VTEC kicks in all hell breaks loose and will definitely get you in trouble with the sound police.


    Available as soon as it's out this month

    Why am I selling ? Well I've done the b swap now, although very fun and raw I'd like to do the k24 thing now , aiming for around 260-300hp this time and the only way I'll get the b18 there is throwing many thousands at it in n/a form or boosting but reliability will be sacrificed each time which won't be the case with an OEM k24 swap, in theory anyways.

    None engine stuff:

    - EK hatch Tegiwa X brace £170
    CCF09112013_0009 (800x684).

    - Tegiwa torque dampener for an EK £30

    - EK subframe, wishbones and PAS with ek4/9 26mm ARB , has nearly new energy bushes £80

    - BNIB EK inner toe arms £15 a pair

    Pictures will be uploaded as soon as I've got it over to the unit.

    Will also get a compression test done ASAP

    Video proof of the engine very soon.

    Video below of when it was on the dyno before the head gasket and stem seals were replaced.

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    United Kingdom kyron Wolverhampton
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    Hondata SOLD
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