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Discussion in 'Civic' started by vzh7gk, Thursday 11th Sep, 2014.

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    Recently I have been looking for something a little more economical for the school runs , and Civic Hybrid has seriously taken my fancy .

    Taken CR-Z hybrid for a test drive was really impressed with the handling and the super slick gear shifts also to note was also nice to see the fuel economy being very good. The handling kinda reminded me of my old DC2 in many ways but found it was very not suitable for what I needed it for then I have also looked into getting the Civic Hybrid for me personally I like the look of it modern lines with a hints of retro styling also it's also priced very well. Only major thing that has put me right off after reading and further looking into the car is the battery problems that the car is plagued with. When you do a video search on youtube it seems nothing good being said about the car and a majority of videos are that of the battery problems. Being a loyal Honda driver and having driven pretty much everything Honda I am very astonished to learn the lack of reliability of Civic Hybrids.

    Wanting to know members views , are these over exaggerated claims about the batteries dying on the Civic and most importantly is the Civic worth considering to buy for a cheap run about for the school runs or is it best to look elsewhere?
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    @Samantha has a CR-Z.

    Samantha, would you like to say a few words about your car ? :Smile:
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    Hi - my only experience of the Civic Hybrid was the older saloon model and I was very underwhelmed with it. It felt far too 'normal' and 'beige' if you know what I mean. Also the economy with it was not that good. It just felt heavy and staid to me. But this was only a press car which I drove for a couple of hours to evaluate and review.

    My other experience of Honda Hybrids has been a Gen1 Insight (loved it!) and my current CR-Z (love it - only selling as barely gets used these days).
    I believe the Insight was at over 100k miles and no battery issues. Not heard of any on the Z either. But even if you do have an issue, you can have individual cells refurbished (I know only from a guy who does this in Thirsk, though to my knowledge he has only had some of the very earliest Honda hybrids which are all over 15yrs old now).

    I love the CR-Z - mine is the GT-Nav and has been fully specced up with all the dealer fit extras, even a CR-Z private plate. The best thing about this car IMO is the handling - it is great fun. Clearly nothing like as quick as your DC2, but because it handles so well, it feels quicker and more fun than the stats would suggest. I am no stranger to quick Hondas and I rate this little car highly.
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    Fascinating, all this. I've been mulling over changing the wife's CR-V for a Civic hybrid (older one) as part of our pre tax credit cuts economy drive but I know nothing about the possible pitfalls. I'm very wary about the battery side of things. There are a good few about on Auto trader quite cheap but I guess that's for a reason. Running costs are critical - and the CR-V is only worth about two grand max. Thought about the LPG route but too dear - and the rfl is still the same, which is a pain.
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    Got one on an 07 plate with 50k on the clock as a courtesy car while the Accord is in with the indi garage. Seems OK, Its no Accord. if i needed a town car it would be ok as it's auto.