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    My organisation insists that business travel is undertaken using either the train, an aeroplane or a hire car. They won't allow us to use our vehicles for business trips. That means that over a few recent months I've driven, or been driven in, hire cars from Ford, Vauxhall, BMW, Volvo, Skoda and Audi.

    Most are fine. I personally find the BMW 3-Series massively overrated, with the interiors in particular being very poor quality. Audi make a fine interior, but give a dull drive. Their diesels are very rough (petrols much better) but the DSG gearbox remains a poor performing disaster, despite what the motoring press say. Having been in a few Skodas, you'd be far better off than with an Audi IMHO, as the differences are minor and you don't look like a) an estate agent or b) a middle manager photocopier salesman...

    However, my main points (and the point of this thread) are two-fold. First, I haven't had a single Japanese or Korean hire car and wonder why not? Second, the best cars I've had, regardless of 'image' - and I do mean this - have been from Ford and especially Vauxhall. The Mondeo is a better drive and a more practical proposition than either a 3-Series or an A4. Vauxhalls - from Insignia to Astra and even a Mokka - have well made interiors and are good (and refined) drives.

    When did we as a nation become badge obsessed over reality, especially when 'reality' is significantly better value? Now, I understand the reliability argument. Would a Vauxhall be a good long-term proposition? I'm not sure tbh, but given the price I'd be willing to give one a try. That surprised me. Ford and Vauxhall surprised me. Who knew?
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    Hmmm, interesting observations.
    I'll be sticking with my CU1 and GG6 for now.
    However, I too am baffled as to why so many in the UK are more concerned with 'the badge' than the true quality of the vehicle.
    I doubt they will change in our lifetime, but it's their choice...No matter how wrong they are! :Whistle:
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    Last week, a Focus/Astra sized car was ordered, which had to be automatic. The hire company had run out, and the only auto they had was...a brand new (700 miles) Mercedes S-Class 350d! It was rather nice...:Grin:

    Wonder what I'll get later in the week for my trip to London? Probably a Fiesta...
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    The primary deciding point for me is the vehicles reliability, if a vehicle is not reliable then I don't really care how exciting it is to drive.
    I have seen many Vauxhall/Opel insignias where the 2.0 diesel has died from a defective oil pickup seal causing air to be sucked into the pickup instead of oil.
    They may have fixed this in the latest generation of engines but it was fairly recent cars that were sufferering.
    Canbus is another problem that I cannot accept, fine when new but if it gives any problems its very difficult to diagnose and repair any issues.
    For this reason I have stayed with Japanese vehicles for most of my cars and all of my bikes.
    Honda has now committed to full electrification for its European vehicles so I don't know what the future holds in terms of cars.
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    I know it's such a subjective statement to make (beauty, eye, beholder, etc.) but I think the Ford range is the best for looks and styling available today.

    As mentioned above, Haldex type dual clutch "automatics" (I use the word very loosely) are an unreliable expensive disaster waiting to happen. I know in this day and age it's very unfashionable to say it but I love the torque converter auto I've got on my current CR-V. Totally reliable, proven technology going back decades. Again as has been said above, reliability is everything to me.

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    I've only ever owned Hondas but my dad has always had Fords since I can remember. Two Sierras and he's not on his fourth Mondeo. I was never that impressed with the 2nd Generation or 3rd Generation but he's now got a 64 plate 4th Generation and it is really nice to drive. The interior is really nice and well put together and sat nav/radio unit is really fast. It's not good enough to pull me away from Honda but as cars go I was impressed.

    I've got mates with A3s and A4s, I find them boring to drive and pretty bland inside. My father in law has a 120d which feels cramped and boxed in and not necessarily the ultimate driving machine experience they labelled it as when driven hard or leisurely. It seems the need to have the "right" badge on the front is making people put up with mediocre cars just so they can say they've got the latest, bland German car sat on the drive.