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    Sadly, I have had to take leave of Honda and ordered a new Volvo V60 Sportswagon with the D4 diesel engine.
    Honda let me down when they dropped the Accord, and have done so again by dropping a diesel engine for the new CR-V. Problems with the new 1.5 direct injection engine have left me unimpressed so I hope that I have made the right decision. As I tow a caravan a diesel makes much more sense.

    My Hondas have been bombproof in reliability and I have an excellent dealer, so it is with heavy heart I leave Honda.
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    more will follow sadly. I can't see Honda grabbing new customers to replace them either. sad all round
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    The latest Volvos are nice, I looked before I bought my Lexus last year. Personally I couldn't live with the interior finish, but the drive was very impressive.

    I don't think Honda are letting anybody down in dropping diesel. Speaking with an Audi dealer in June, he was telling me about the disaster in sales diesel is now (fleets excepted), and how PCP customers are just handing them back as the values are only at or below the 'guaranteed minimum' price. We've all seen the photos online of unsold three year old diesels on old airfields.

    Even so, assuming you got a fantastic deal and you are planning to keep it for a number of years then there are clearly amazing bargains to be had - in June I was offered a 25% discount on a newly launched Volvo XC40 diesel and I was only browsing! Small turbo petrols, hybrids and electric is where the market is now - although where that leaves those that need to tow isn't something I'm familiar with.
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    Just noticed the 5th Generation CR-V is made in Japan Chassis code RW1- RW2
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