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    OK So my mum is thinking about selling her car... If she was to sell it she would do it at the start of next year. Its a 2005 (05) MG ZR. Its the 1.4 facelift with the 17" alloys and has 40k on the clock. She is the second owner and it has been smoked in... Body and mechanical condition is fantastic. Everything is apart from the fact she has smoked in it. Will a full valet remove this smell? What do you guys think its worth? Cars of similar condition are on pistonheads for around the 4k mark so i was thinking 4k.


    If she was to sell it obviously she would be needing a new car. She would have about
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    What's good looking to her? And from your post, assuming she sells it for 4k, she'll have 4.6k in total to spend on a new car?

    Golf IV or a Focus? (as non-Jap)
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    Well sporty looking. She had a ZR before which is pretty good looking IMO. I'm saying a Clio Sport but 200hp, she'd wrap it round a tree!
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    as above vw golf or even an a3 is nice do the reaserch on the ones your mum will consider buying and pick the best one with the best review
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    this is a Civic forum, surely she should get a Civic.

    and then you can be on here with your mum!!!! :Smile: lol

    i used to valet cars and its a pain to get smoke out but it can be done i used Autoglym stuff and a washer vac. and left cars in the garage with the windows and sunroof open or go for the smell trees (bout 5) with the windows shut for a couple of days. :Smile:
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    My aunt turned down an A3 in favour of an MX-5 because the interior in the A3 is just boring

    By the history of her cars, I'd say she likes her hot-hatches - I personally don't think MG-ZR's are very attractive.

    How about a Seat Leon/Ibiza as a small hot hatch, or aforementioned, Mazda MX-5? Or Civic Sport or Type-S as a Honda :Grin:

    Edit: One of these maybe?
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    EK9 maan,, all the way,, :Smile:
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    I severely doubt your mum would wrap a 200bhp FWD motor unless shes a total downie - its hardly 500bhp and RWD mate
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    I like the way you're thinking dude, thanks for the input. Yeah RX-8's are nice. She was looking at a silver one in Paisley before she bought the ZR. But 100k miles on an RX-8... Are the engines capable of doing 150k+ easily? Ibiza would be sweet. Golf would be a good idea too but theres so many high milers!

    ForgedB18: EK9? Hahahaah no way. :Tongue:
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    ^oh, 100k mileage was just the first one I picked out.

    I would have suggested a Jazz, but somehow I can't see your mum driving that

    A Mini might be good for her

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    golf, a3, leon, octavia. all decent cars for the money, especially in 18turbot form.

    or maybe an ep2, corrolla, colt if you want her to stay jap

    or even a megane!

    the list will go on. cars really are a personal prefernce thingand at the end of the day everyone on here could tell her to get. lets say a golf. but if she thinks they look like shit she aint gonna buy it
  12. Ross. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    A MINI! Why didnt i think of that, thats pretty good! 4k for a wee mini :cool: How much do ya think the ZR is worth?
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    from a quick search on AT, seems like they're averaging around the 3k mark

  14. Ross. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    Why's that so cheap?!?!


    Octavia's are abit big.. But she's a social worker so needs space.


    Thats pretty perfect. Hope its still for sale in a couple of months haha.

    Anything else?
  15. TwistedSanity666 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    The Mini

    There's no mention of service history, number of owners, whether its HPI clear - I remember looking for an Audi A6 which was dirt cheap, when I did the history check on it, the result was a Cat D insurance write-off

    The Octavia

    I don't like these generally, you're better off getting a Passat/Bora/A4 if you're going for one of these, build quality is better on the VW/Audi's. The car also looks a tad dated to me - like my mum's Primera (which just got written off :Tongue: ), especially in THAT red.

    The 1 Series

    My uncle, who used to be a rally driver back in the day and built some mean RS Turbo's was telling me how he wouldn't touch the 1-series in terms of reliability and build quality. My personal opinion is that I think they look a bit disproportionate - the front end looks too big (grill, headlights) and the car is long and narrow like a van. Also, the way the bodywork is designed on the side (near the bottom) it looks more like a boat than a car.

    I've sat in one (of my my friends bought one a few months back) and the visibility at the back is poor and if you go for the diesel option (as she did) it's a really boring drive. As soon as you feel like you're giving the engine some juice, you hit the rev limit and have to change gears - advantage of the diesel is once it's remapped, you gain about 25-30bhp and about the same in torque, which is a nice jump.
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    Mini and 1 series are both probably scammers, WAY too cheap to be legit.
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    x2, forgot to mention that you're looking around the 10k mark for a 1-series that new, my friend paid 8.5k for a 55 plate 118d SE
  18. kipper Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Latest celica, My mum has the 140bhp one, nice car and affordable.
  19. Bong Guest

    Honda Civic 1.6 Sport EP2
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