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    Just had the notification from the main dealer to book my 2nd free service (the car is on a 5 year free service arrangement). I've booked it in but what is of interest is the fact that (inter alia) I was offered an "oil upgrade" as an extra. I didn't bother to go into details with the person on the booking desk because I doubt they would have any reliable info. I didn't avail myself of the "upgrade" but I just wonder exactly what it is, assuming they must use the Honda recommended oil in any event.

    I just wondered if anyone else has had this type of offer made.

    I'll ask more when I take it in.

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    Is the 'upgrade' 0W-20? You really don't need anything better than that for the R20A9 and it should be what they use anyway.

    Please keep us posted @155695
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    0 20?
    Surely 0 or 5-30 or 40
    Isn't 0 20 3in1 oil
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    Yeah agreed and, will do. If the "upgrade" is to 0W-20, then I'll have to ask the question as to what they would put in as part of the standard service!

    In answer to Zombies query, I haven't got a clue what spec. 3 in 1 oil is however the Honda specified oil for the R20A9 engine is 0W-20. If this is not available, the 2nd choice is 5W-30 or 0W-30 (all as clearly stated on page 547 in my handbook). As 0W-20 is widely available that's what I am expecting to be used in my engine and I will be checking this when I take the car in for its service.

    PS - The service isn't until 16/11, so there will be a bit of a wait for an answer.

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    I have a petrol CR-V. The service reception have a sign saying something along the lines of 0W20 oil available for better economy for extra £20.

    I too have a service plan and as this was my first service under that (bought car 2nd hand) I specified they use the 0W20 oil as part of the service plan pointing out the recommended oil in the handbook, they did this and didn't try and ask for the extra fee.

    Recommend this oil as the economy is slightly improved and that is what it should have. Prior services looked to have used the 5W30 which is still on the list but not first choice, likely to be cheaper for the garage too hence their preference in using it.

    Good luck.
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