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    Spain Sid Almeria
    Car is a 2007 petrol Accord Exec with very low mileage and no rust.
    A few months ago I sorted out a flickering upper display with the help of this forum and all was well until I noticed the battery was draining.
    Parasitic drain was traced to the interior light circuit so I removed fuse No. 6 and all was well for a few days.
    Then one morning the upper display did not light up at all, the AC button when pressed said ''Start the Engine'' but the engine was already running!!
    Audio and CD buttons don't work but the Nav display is OK.
    When the message ''Start the engine'' shows I have to press Map to clear the window and the Sat nav then shows again.

    I live in a part of Spain where qualified electrical help is almost impossible to find and although I speak Spanish I am not up to talking about complex technical diagnostic stuff so I am asking if anyone can give me any clues at all as to what might be going on or what I should check in order to get to the bottom of these problems.

    With thanks
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    Spain Sid Almeria
    I am replying to my own thread as I see no way to edit what I wrote and as I do not want to waste anyone's time I wanted to update the situation.
    Today I drove some 160 miles to a Honda specialist and they were kind enough to do a diagnostic test and ask me some questions about the car (in Spanish) and fortunately I was able to make myself understood well enough. End result, they checked the car details on the Internet and then explained that the Hands Free Telephone (which I never use) is on the same circuit but there is no mention of this in either the User Manual or the ESM that I got when I bought the car from a main Honda Dealer in UK.
    They lifted off the top part of the dash with the upper display, showed me the HFT relay or Computer ?? disconnected it, replaced the 7.5 amp fuse that I had taken out (No 6 in the fuse box), updated the car software and I drove back with everything working again.
    The best part of all was when they told me the new part would be supplied under guarantee and they will email me when it arrives.

    When it does and when I am totally satisfied that the problems are cured and when I know all the ins and outs I will again post the results in the hope it will help others.
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    great news hope all gets sorted the bluetooth disaster appears again it would seem :SOS:
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    Good to hear it's sorted :Thumbup:
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    Spain Sid Almeria
    To clarify and correct what I wrote in earlier posts.
    This CL7 Accord has always been 100% reliable until I left it out in the hot Spanish sunshine last summer. I did realise the interior temperature was getting seriously high despite there being sun screens for the glass and I moved the car into the shade, but the damage had been done.
    The upper console display started to flicker (repaired with the help of this forum) and I have no doubt that the HFT module was damaged at the same time because it is located in the same position as the upper display unit.
    I did not notice that the HFT was damaged because I never use it.
    The reason there was no mention of the HFT in the ESM was because it was an option even on the Exec models.
    My Spanish is not good enough for me to understand everything that was said to me but I believe that I myself may have caused the odd electrical behaviour because I removed the 7.5Amp fuse for the interior lights which stopped the parasitic battery drain but which also caused the AC the Audio the SatNav and other functions to start acting up.
    The Spanish electrician was trying to explain all of the above but I only got the broad outline.

    I misunderstood the part about replacement under guarantee. What they were referring to was a product recall to replace the airbag inflator cylinder which will be done for free once the new part has arrived.

    Conclusion: Lack of knowledge (failure of Honda to impart) has caused me and others expense and hassle.
    Hopefully this post will help others to understand and possibly prevent similar misfortune.
    Thanks to this forum I have been saved considerable expense.
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