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    Well, I took delivery of my 2008 2.4 manual Tourer yesterday with a meagre 24k miles on its clock, 1 owner, FHSH.

    What a beautiful piece of kit. The engine is like no other I've driven. It has a 'rasp' I love and am actually glad theres no turbo, etc. The VTEC is there and pretty seamless and I am loving the twin exhaust. The handling is typical front wheel drive helped by some decent tyres the last owner put on a month ago. Id also say the BHP-weight-suspender set up is beautifully balanced and suits the car. Any more horses and Id query how quickly you'd get into trouble on a bend you took too quick.

    I know it's a dinosaur and unlikely to be built again and thats probably why I bought it.

    I also have to lament the Gen 8 forum is slowly ebbing away to be replaced by more modern fayre but all praise Honda for releasing this gem of a car in a year when the world was falling apart. That has to be celebrated one last time!
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    Enjoy a great car, 2 years in and still loving mine.