nVidia Shield TV X1 or New Ryzen Based Gaming PC

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    I've been saving up my birthday and xmas money for the last 12 months as my current gaming PC is getting long in the tooth and isn't worth doing minor upgrades to any more.

    I was also given a little android TV box (commonly (but incorrectly) called a Kodi box) late last year, which whilst a piece of crap has shown me that these have potential for streaming if you get a decent one.

    So I'd saved up enough to get one of the new Shield TV boxes (2017 model), I already have the nVidia Shield K1 tablet and it's excellent... certainly the best and most powerful tablet on the market for it's price (was less than £170 and more powerful than anything costing twice that).

    But I've been looking into the new AMD Ryzen CPU's and like what I see... I always build my own systems and have done for almost 20yrs... If I throw in any xmas money I get this year, I'll have enough for a new CPU/Motherboard & Ram... not quite enough for higher end a Ryzen 7, but a top of the range Ryzen 5... I feel the high end Ryzen 5 is a better choice than a low end Ryzen 7 at this moment.

    Motherboard needs to be an X370 chipset, as I will be going Xfire on my video cards... I currently have an R9 280X and it's easier to add a second one of those cheaply that buy a current gen of card... I can always replace in a couple of years with a more modern one. I don't want to go for the B350 chipset because although it will do Xfire the second card is only half speed whilst the X370 offers full speed on the second card. it means I can get full 4K gaming if I want at a budget price... I know it means going without DX12 for the time being, but let's be honest.. games using DX12 aren't going to be really common for a year or two anyway. Obviously I need to buy ram as everything I have is DDR3 and it needs DDR4.

    I'll also probably get a 128GB M2 drive as the motherboards all seem to have them and it will certainly be faster than the 250GB SSD I currently have... and I can retask that for a few of my fave games and then JBOD the rest of my drives for storage and extra games (my steam account currently has 140+ games and I've run out of room tom have them all installed).

    The other upside to going for a new PC build is that I can reuse a lot of components from my current build, and also upgrade my mediaserver... I can swap out the quad core CPU in the mediaserver for the 6 core CPU in my gaming rig as well as double it's memory from 8 to 16GB and then upgrade my mums computer from 4GB to 8GB.

    But I also really want the Shield TV box and I can afford that now... in 5 months anything could have happened to wipe out that money saved and I'd have neither.

    I'm terrible for over analysing things and never making a decision... I just keep putting it off and never making up my mind.
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    May I suggest:
    Set yourself a deadline, based on when you intend to buy. That way, you'll include the latest spec/available options.
    Have an over view of things for now, but don't waste time on the fine detail.

    With that in mind, allocate a block of time (not weeks, but a day or two) for the final, detailed evaluation and decision.
    Once your decided, don't then spend time re-evaluating. You've made your decision and must live with it.
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    That's not a bad idea... and another positive could be that prices will have fallen a little buy the time I'm looking to build it... which is Jan-Feb time. I'm price watching a few items on camelcamelcamel.com and have set an alert for if/when they drop by about 25%.
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    Also a good idea.
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    My biggest problem is that I know very little about this new AM4 generation of CPU's and motherboards... I'm still using AM3+ gear and all of that is at least 3-4yrs old now. I do tend to stick with ASUS motherboards... But I've never built anything with a UEFI bios or an M2 drive... so it'll be fun to figure all that out. Putting it together isn't an issue.. I do need to check if my Titan Fenir tower cooler will fit the AM4 and be sufficient, although the Ryzen5's and 7's seem to all be in the 65-95w range, so it should be fine providing it fits the AM4 socket and gives enough clearance for the DDR4 memory.

    Checking my budget and I think it will be in the 400-500 range come Jan... current prices are around 220 for the Ryzen 5 1600X, MSI X370 mobo is another £130, 16GB ram is another £130.. so there's just enough room for all of that and if prices do drop as expected.. I could hopefully shace 20% of that and bring it under 400... which would be enough for an M2 drive. Everything else I can use from the old build and later in the year add a second R9 280X vid card... I might pick up another of the ASUS ones as that's what I have now... the ones that were regarded as crap due to glitching issues... But I figured out how to resolve them.. you flash the firmware to reduce the overclocked 1600mhz DDR5 ram back to it's default 1500mhz and adjust the fan profiles tor amp up the fan speeds quicker to stop it overheating and going above 61º... Since doing that, no more glitches at all... But it means you can pick up one of them really cheaply now. :Smile:
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    I'm a little confused at ram prices these days... not needed to buy any for about 3yrs since my last 16GB set of DDR3.

    I've been doing a lot of research into the Ryzen CPU's and prices vs performance and so forth... Even looked into the fact that some GPU bottlenecks could affect performance as I currently have an R9 280X and was going to add a second for Xfire 6 months later. What I'm seeing is that at lower spec video cards or older ones like mine... going for higher rated memory doesn't have any real effect unless you are at the top end of the GPU market. The CPU's are simply to fast and the GPU becomes the bottleneck.

    So I started looking at DDR4 prices for 16GB and you know what I found... there is virtually no difference in price between 2400mhz and 3200mhz DDR memory... we're talking a couple of pounds, with the most extreme variation being 2400 £8 cheaper than the cheapest 3200mhz stuff... and the costliest 3200 £63 more than that.

    We're getting screwed on prices once again.. 2400 should (based on previous experience) be a lot cheaper than the 3200mhz stuff.

    So I started looking at US prices and yup... we're getting screwed... 16GB 2400mhz DDR4... $100-120 and 3200mhz $150ish
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    I'm building a gaming machine with free bits found, I'm an old-school gamer so ultra high graphics isn't a issue, I'm getting a new graphics card today and will update you with a full spec.
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    Kinda leaning now towards getting a second hand mini upgrade... something like a gigabyte GAA990X motherboard and an FX8350... I can reuse everything else and I should be able to pick those up for around the £120 mark... throw in a 250GB M.2 SSD for another £80.

    That should at least see me through the next 12-18 months and give me acceptable 1080p 1440p gaming with my R9280X... and as the MB has Xfire support, would also allow me to add a second R9 280X, although I'd also need a new PSU.. so perhaps going for a RX480 8GB may be the way to go.
  9. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    All change once again...

    Decided that a Ryzen based new system wasn't worth the cost at this moment... so I'm doing a mini upgrade for now. I've pre-ordered a Sapphire RX580 graphics card at a £120 discount.. this will replace my now aging R9 280X.. going from 3GB video ram to 8GB of video ram.

    I'm also going to upgrade my FX6300 hex core CPU to an FX8350 Octo core CPU as I can pick those up used for around £50... Everything else can be saved and I won't even need to reinstall windows.

    In 12-18 months time when prices of the new Ryzen based stuff has really dropped a great deal.. I may get a new MB/CPU/Ram and I'll already have a modern video card to make the most of it.
  10. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    FX8350 arrived and installed, pre-ordered the RX580 graphics card for £238.. it's priced at around £300-350 for the 8GB version everywhere else... Gotta love Amazon pre-order deals... I had just enough left over for something else.. and found a great deal on a 27" Acer Freesync gaming monitor that will work nicely with the new graphics card.. it's not 4K but I don't do 4K gaming so 1440p will suffice for the near future... I got the monitor brand new for £50 off... I guess end of line and soon to be discontinued, hence the good deal.

    That's me out of pocket and I've finally spent all of my xmas & birthday money at last.

    This xmas I'm getting an Android TV box... perhaps the Shield TV one I wanted.
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    Have had the shield for ages too dog for streaming etc highly recommend this