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    so i need some opinions please. I went through the forum for 1 hours but couldn't find any similar post.
    The car has 198000Km the turbo let me down at 115000 so it's new.
    here is the video ,

    This afternoon i was full throttle at 2200 RPM going up hill in 4 th when this noise appeared after a kind of low noise.
    Even after letting the engine cool down it's still there. The car accelerates still ok .
    I checked as good as i could from the air intake to the manifold for any cracks.
    I didn't check the exhaust manifold yet.
    I think it's the turbo geometry that has a problem . I checked that all the EGR and the variable turbo commande worked by undoing the hoses while under slight revs.
    When i redline the motor and let it go back down to idle i can hear the turbo spin slowly down not like before.
    Thanks for your opinions
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    How often do you change the oil?
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    Sweden Franz Boxholm
    i change the oil every 5000 to 8000 km i only use 5w40 or 0W30 depending on the winter here in sweden i go for the A3/B4 specs. I do it myself and use the oil gauge to level at 75%. The oil now has 800 km
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    if i use the car to tow i change it every 5000km otherwise it's every 8000 km
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