No Spark / No Fuel Pump Priming / Fuse 44 Blowing / HELP!

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    I am from the UK and I am posting on behalf of my friend to try and see if we can get some advice and some technical knowledge to get his 1997 Civic hatch back on the road.

    About the Hatchback:
    • Originally was a UK D14Z4
    • Now has B18C4
    • No Spark
    • Fuel Pump not Priming
    • Fuse 44 blowing every time the key is turned.

    Only thing that has been changed recently is the engine loom which is a second hand tucked rywire which was proven to work before we bought it.
    before we removed the old engine loom we noticed we had to use a conversion harness in order to plug the ECU in but with the rywire loom we don’t. So I’m guessing the rywire loom is different to our interior loom?
    im guessing the original loom is obd2a and the rywire is OBd1 which is what causing our issue or I could be wrong, I’m only thinking that as we had to use a conversion harness on the original stock loom to plug the P28 ECU in.
    here are a few pictures of the everything.
    First off all we need to fix, we accidentally removed all the pins from the rywire block which is just like the standard loom I’m guessing, so we need a diagram to put them back to the correct position on the grey connector blank.
    What we have noticed is that the green 20/22 pin connector has way more pins than the rywire loom it connects to.
    When there both connected there’s about 2 pins going to no where.
    This is the rywire loom side of the cabin connector 20/22 pin.

    This is everything connected up, even though I believe personally is that we have two different generation looms, everything still connects up personally just some pins looks like it goes to no where.. possibly obd2a going to an OBD1 engine/ecu loom?

    if you need more pictures, close ups, etc just ask as I can provide them ASAP to get this issue fixed.
    thank you.
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    Hi there. Sounds like you need to trace the wires backwards from the fuse that keeps blowing as it sounds to me that one of those wires is connected to a earth wire in that block connector instead of a power wire.
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    without wiring diagrams can be trick to trace spent 2 days fixing a BMW 330i non starter
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    With regards to the bmw330, have you checked swithes above clutch and brake peddle