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    Item for Sale:

    Nintendo Wii and games


    £55 collected or £62 delivered. I am going to be up and down the country a bit next week so can possibly meet buyer somewhere.


    South East London


    9.5/10 everything works perfectly and is in mint condition, the only reason I will not give a 10 is there may be the odd marks on the remotes from general use etc. All of my consoles are very well looked after and even the boxes are mint.


    Selling our Wii as I never find time to play it any more. It is in great condition and comes with 2 remotes with nun-chucks  2 remote steering wheels, remote protectors, Zumba fitness with belt, Mario Kart, Paper Mario and Mario and Sonic Olympics  Wii box is not pictured below but is included in sale.


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