Sold Nike Blazers Mid Top UK 11 £60 Worn once!

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    Item for sale: Nike Blazers UK 11

    Condition: 9/10 (worn once)

    Location: Rushall outside Walsall West Mids

    Description: Nike blazers bought in Birmingham for £70 worn once and I hate them as my feet are to wide and I have to undo all the laces just to get in them! Literally tried them on once went to the shop and i can't hack them! Shame as there a smart trainer.

    Price: £60 collected £65 posted!


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    Any Q's just ask guys

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    That's how they are mate.. each pair of mine are the same, they slacken off
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    Really? honestly there a fekin nightmare lol! my vans hightops and my topman ones are sweet! these things oh my life!