Newbie on Norfolk, looking for first honda.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Wilde07, Sunday 16th Jun, 2013.

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    Hi, I'm new to the site. I'm currently looking for my first honda thinking Civic EG/EJ or EK as an ongoing project, my budget is about £2000. Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the forum, you can pick yourself a decent EG vti or EK vti for that budget and still have a little money left to play with/
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    Hey mate, nice to see someone else local.   What sort of project are you looking at doing?   If you want to go for a track car then look for a VTi B16 or D16 as they have VTEC and are good to mod, if you want a car for looks and to use daily try an EK3 or any of the other eco VTEC's as the money you save on fuel can go towards doing the car up and if long term budget isn't a problem just make sure you get a fairly rust free shell that's straight and go from their.   seen a few EK's on gumtree recently for under 1k that look alright, was helping a friend look for one recently.

    Hope to see you about when you find one

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    Hello, im local !!

    Buy a 'as tidy as you can possibly get' EG or EK shell and then build the shit out of it.

    Come see me if you need any parts, or a shell.

    Welcome aboard the obsessional civiclife train of love !
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    Initially I'm looking to go for looks/daily with future engine conversion, either that or trying to find a b16 EK, leaving standard for starters and modify slowly. Haven't got the space for full build at present.

    Seen a few on gumtree/ebay just going for the right one now.

    Out of interest what shells have you got boz and where abouts are you in Norfolk?
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    Boz is in Kings lynn mate, check out HondaNutz for him on facebook or check out the approved breakers section on here.

    If you want a daily go for the D15/D16/B16/B18 standard engines.   d15 will usually have the i-VTEC (econo mode) which is great around town and on motorways if you keep it in there (I get about 43 avg and got 52mpg going to london and back last week) and you still have about 110 BHP which is nippier than most similar cars.   D16 is in the coupes. and B series are in most other Civic.  

    Where abouts in Norfolk are you? Im sure if you keep checking the regular places something will come up thats right.   I am sure that you can find out in the tech section what to look out for, rear arches, VTEC smoke and fan noise at 3-4speed are the ones I know about but there may be more.

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    I'm just outside downham market. Been looking for a while now so seen few common issues mainly rear arches, but could repair that for the right car. Just trying to find one local.
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    What T&S said, where abouts in downham ?
  10. Wilde07 New Member Getting Started

    Down near the train station
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    Hello Norfolk VTEC nuts :Wink: I'm from suffolk near Ipswich I'm new to forums but had my EK around 3 years :Smile: it's a b16a2 that has started to use oil 115k on the clock, I'm pretty sure it's valve stem seals but I've been quoted silly amounts of money by local garages to fix this.

    The highest being £700 could u advise on a garage in suffolk Norfolk area or would it be better to look for a good b18 to drop in?
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  12. EKjoe Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  13. Wilde07 New Member Getting Started

    Found a nice 98 1.6 vti with full service history and 85k, what do you guys think its worth?
  14. ArdCord Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Send us a link and ill tell you
  15. Wilde07 New Member Getting Started

  16. civtegra Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    It isn't a vti-S as advertised, it's just a regular VTI (not an S).

    It's pre-facelift, but fairly low mileage. The description seems pretty generic (was probably googled) and it looks like the passenger wing-mirror glass is missing.

    I'd personally look for a slightly newer facelift model myself in a more desirable colour.
  17. EKjoe Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Lol this has been on pistonheads for a while now but I've only just noticed the missing P/S mirror glass now you've pointed it out civ.

    It's low mileage and FSH is always good probably about right for money and condition.