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    hi all, new to the Civic scene, been a ford man for many years and member of all the ford clubs etc, recently bought myself a honda Civic h22 eg3 (?) to use as a track day car (done a few track days lately in a few different cars) but honda's always seem to do well ! anyway the car was on pistonheads and ebay recently, it has got a 2.2 Prelude engine fitted amongst other mods, the guy advertised it as having 236bhp, which i find hard to believe but it does go very well, i am in need of a few parts but wouldn't know where to start in asking as i don't know if i need them for a Civic or a Prelude !! here's the ebay link if that helps any !

    i need an exhaust front pipe as this one has been flattened !

    any info about this car and the mods would be most helpfull as the guy i got it off took it in px on another car so knows nothing about it...

    thanks again..glenn
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    he is right the H22a JDM does come standared 220bhp and all that could well pull 236 as H series and B series love bolt ons and i had a Civic hit VTEC at 4500 and it pulls very very nicely... the bad bits arent a huge issue to me unless you are looking to buy and never put money into it.... check it out first H swaps are a bit harder than standard to b or something like that so... thats my imput i don't think hes having a laugh at all and seems a decent price...

    hope that helps
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    sorry to sound a bit thick but what is the H and B Series ? Is That the car model or the engine ?? don't mind throwing some money into it, just need to know where to throw it lol
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    H and B series is mainly the DOHC engines good engine but ever honda engine has its advantages... im not the brightest about em but from what i hear they are great engines and respond well to upgrades... i had a JDM Prelude with the same engine thats in that Civic and even though the Prelude is heavier it still pulled very very well so you won't be diappointed... the exhaust id personally leave unless you wanted to upgrade or it was split open... and bit of a flat stop wouldn't bother me happens...then the suspension i would just have a look over or take it to a shop just to be sure....

    sems like a good buy to me mate

    Hope that helped

    any more ?'s ill try to help mate
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    exhaust is split open mate, blowing like mad, i could get it welded but don't know wether the flat spot(and i mean flat spot) is restricting it any ?

    also, i got a spare custom performance inlet manifold with it (polished thingy) do you think they make any difference..again, sorry to sound thick !
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    it could be welded not a bad option until you learn a bit more to get a replacement...

    the inlet mani depends on if it fit to be fair im not sure what you got... but skunk2 inlet manis are about the best on the market and worth the money if your doesnt fit...

    i was reading the advert and it said he caught it and now is blowing... some exhausts like my buddyclub spec III are like a slotted flange not a bolt and come loose or he may have caught the cat bolt and snapped that it could happen as its lowered...

    my honest opinion wheels.. front seat...mugan strut braces... H swap... = win

    looks like a serious ride honest opinion
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    thanks mate, exhaust is defo split, can get my fingers in there its that big !

    he said the wheels are pretty expensive items ?

    thanks for your response's, much appreciated
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    That is awsome bit of kit mate! Definately something to be proud of!

    Welcome to Civic life!
  9. EGplease Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    not an issue mate i only said what i know but keep digging for knowledge cuz im sure theres something to look out for as i do know H series swaps are a bit intense..

    yea sucks about the exhaust but you could just replace the bits that are needed or get a better system :Smile: no really a bad thing

    and yea they look like OZ's or enkei's good stuff :Grin:
  10. EGplease Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    oh damn i didnt realise you had already bought it lol

    hell yea i would be well impressed with that mate good move!!!!!
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    thanks for the responses guys..would like to try and find out more history of the car, (i mean who did the mods etc) ..will have to keep digging, i know the previous owner who had it before the guy i got it off was from devon as there is a load of bills from demon tweeks with his name and address on, just wondering if he was a member on here ?
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    Been Offered The Chance Of Another Track Car Now So Might Be Seling The Civic Now :shh: :cry: Shame As I Do Like It But This Other Car Is Ready To Go As It Is ..
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    A JDM H22 in a EG hatch is crazzzzyyyy man! They should put a NASA sticker on it just to warn ppl. :Grin:
  14. Bong Guest

    Is it using the original H22 flexi pipe? If it is, its a known issue for them to go, there are aftermarket ones, or just get an OEM. Most Accord Type-R owners go for the Mongoose one

    Or do you mean the 2-1 section of the manifold?
  15. series1glenn Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    its the original h22 flexipipe, its not the flexi bit thats gone, its the actual front pipe that has been flattened on a speed hump and split !
  16. series1glenn Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    just spoke to the original owner of this car who did the conversion, WOW, this guy realy knows his honda's..hes had a tuning company in devon and this was his own car...he originall had a turbo lump in there but blew it up !

    he told me all about the history of this has has everything done that needed done !

    motec ECU, re-mapped, crower cams from the usa, walbro 226 hi pressure fuel pump with regulator, modified injectors, custom made wiring loom, big brake conversion, ported and polished head with all valves re-ground, megan exhaust, fully ported cusom inlet manifold, etc etc

    well impressed with what he told me, top bloke as well vey helpfull..chuffed now
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  17. Tanny Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Keep it mate! I would change the exhaust thought to a Hytech manifold with 2.5" collector, and full 2.5" decat exhaust from a good manufacturer such as Tanabe, Spoon, Fujitsubo, Skunk2 etc as the Megan ones work but can be quite restrictive
  18. Grovesy Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Good buy you got there mate! I wouldn't wana get rid of that!