HVAC new type of pollen (cabin air) filter

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    Lithuania Julius Vilnius
    Hello guys, I just wanted to share about new type of pollen filters from MANN company. First these filters begin to show in BMW's (with silver particles), then MANN decided to add into Accords too :Smile:

    Here is comparison from left to right: yellow with polifenol and carbon, from MANN, stock with carbon from JC premium, and used with carbon from JC premium also. 2019-01-06 14.32.00.

    Here is direct comparison between materials, almost the same
    2019-01-06 14.35.52-1.

    while other side, (left - stock with carbon/JC premium, right - mann yellow filter), mann filter is much softer, like a wool, i think this is for catching more particles and dirt :Smile:
    2019-01-06 14.35.40-1.

    You can see more photos of exact part number if you want.

    Basically filters with polyfenol guarantee you to breathe more cleaner air than with carbon, or worse - without it.
    In my humble opinion with this yellow filter i cannot smell any odours or any of it, maybe its just placebo effect. But it is noticible :Smile:
    It is more expensive than others, but not so much.
    MANN-FILTER with polyfenol and carbon - 15euros
    MANN-FILTER with carbon - 12euros
    MANN-FILTER stock - 10euros

    p.s. JC premium filter with carbon - 4euros.

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    A very interesting post @julekasMobilek. Thank you. :Thumbup:

    There is a lot of debris caught the old filter.
    How long had it been used for?

    I regularly take the air and cabin filters out so that any debris can be removed. I also run the vacuum cleaner over them.
    If they look too dirty, then I just change them. I don't wait for the annual service.
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    Lithuania Julius Vilnius
    I usually changing my filters after each year (oil with oil, cabin, fuel and pollen), not by ridden kilometers (i usually doing from 12 to 15k km each year).
    As for cleaning my filters, i also have an opionion, also i never do :Smile:. I think with vaccum cleaner you cannot suck out tiny/microscopic debris witch are in fine spores of the filter, also it is still clogged up.
    Best you can do is to remove big particles, like leaves and seeds and other stuff. The most effective way, I think, is just buy new :Smile:. Specialliy JC premium brand with carbons is very cheap. Also, MANN filter PDF recommending to change pollen filter after each year with oil change.
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    Agree totally. It won't clear them, but at least the other material is removed between changes.
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    Cheers for that. Gonna order one and change mine this weekend.
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    Many thanks for the info

    For years I had a 6th Generation accord and changing the pollen filter on that was not an easy job. So much easier with the newer models.