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    So, under the guise that I needed a new tool for the house kitchen refurb, I got myself one of these.


    With her unwrapped and setup


    Got a few bits with it to, along with the 10 metre hose.

    Firstly, a water trap - 20160622_165138.

    And a inline regulator - these are important as air loss is made over the length of a hose, so even though the regulator on the compressor may register at whatever level, the level at the tool will be less. With a regulator just before the tool, you can open it all the way at the compressor and then control it at the tool.


    And a blow tool too. Oh and as we all know just how useful a tyre pressure and inflating kit is in the kitchen, I got one of those too.

    The main reason I got one however was for this bad boy.


    Its a HVLP spray gun (High Volume Low Pressure). It is just as the name suggests, creates a high volume of spray with a low pressure of air. It was like holding an ex girlfriend back in your arms again although one that has put on the pounds just a bit as the HVLP is a new one for me, I used to use conventional guns which wasted a large proportion of material. These are supposed to be much better. I just have to remember now how to set the thing up again...

    Its got a 1.4mm nozzle and requires 5.8CFM so this little compressor will be more than enough to run it.

    I think I will also respray the rear bumper of the Accord at some point too now that I have this.
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    I think I have seen these on Ebay, when your all set up lets have a detailed review please. lol I was looking at one myself, for when I feel like zipping things off with an air impact.
  3. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    :Wub: :likeit:
  4. SpeedyGee Club Manager Club Staff

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    Nice bit of kit that.

    Look forward to seeing the the setup in action. My concern would be that the small tank may mean the compressor is constabulary von of when your shooting something.
  5. Nighthawk Club Moderator Club Staff

    Had a little play with this thing today. The main reason I got it was for spraying so it made sense to see how it would handle it first. A HVLP gravity fed gun requires low pressure of supply, but a large volume in order to maintain constant pressure out of the nozzle. It requires 5.8 CFM to function effectively, and the generator puts out 9.6 CFM and has a 50 litre capacity tank. Put the gun together (except for the cup) and attached the water trap and regulator onto it using PTFT tape on all the connections.

    Turned the generator on for the very first time and it took just under 90 seconds to go from completely factory set empty to 115psi where it properly kicked itself off. Took a while to remember how to configure the air settings for the gun as its been a while but it eventually came back. So, with the compressor fully charged, the pressure on the outlet valve was set to 90psi, and the air regulator set just below the water trap was set to 45 psi. The gun requires between 40 - 50 psi to atomise the paint effectively, so I met it halfway. You have to set the airgun pressure whilst releasing air by pulling the trigger halfway as the pressure has to be flowing pressure through the gun, rather than just static pressure at idle which means very little.

    The paint has not arrived yet, but with a proper air gun, you can release just pressure without pulling the needle back which would dispense the paint. So, with this all now set up, I let the compressor charge up and do some tests. The gun sprayed for 58 seconds before the compressor kicked in after it dropped to 90psi, so a loss of 25 psi every minute. The compressor took 20 seconds to fill back up to 115psi again. Once it kicked off, I started spraying again, took 58 seconds again for the compressor to kick in and this time I kept the trigger depressed to see if the pressure at the gun dropped and if the compressor could continue to charge itself and still power the gun at the same time. It took 45 seconds this time for it to reach full charge and kick off but there was no drop in any pressure at the gun and the pressure felt continuos on my hands (and a very confused looking Labrador who kept cocking his head to one side as the gun sprayed)

    In short, it can handle it - sure, a bigger one would require less charges, but I am not planning on respraying entire cars with it (although I wouldn't put it past me to do some certain panels and bumpers), but so far, it looks like the compressor is more than up to the job - and with a 2 year warranty to boot.


    From the left - air regulator leading into the water trap which then goes straight into the gun. I have missed having a spray gun in my hands so I am looking forward to the paint arriving (today hopefully - :Baseballbat:). Once the paint has arrived, I can have some fun :fence:

    A water trap incidentally, is essential for use on a spray gun. As you all know, compressed air causes moisture especially when it comes from a high pressure (inside a tank) into low pressure (our normal environment). This moisture can cause both problems to actual tools and more importantly, if you do not have a trap, it will put that moisture into your paint mixture as it comes out of the nozzle resulting in spotty finishes and splotchy sprays. Here is the water trap after 10 mins of playing around with the pressure settings. A picture to prove the point....

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    If you need something to spray, gimme yer address and I'll bring the Prelude round all sanded and reader for primer and paint :Smile:

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this little kitchen helper. I hope the missus appreciates the lengths you go to in pursuit of the perfect kitchen refurb
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    Glad to hear it's going to work well, I had forgotten that the spray guns use low pressure.

    I could give you something to spray as well @Nighthawk ! :Tongue:
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    Want my front bumper to do as well?

    Damn thoSE pesky stone chips.

    Good job in getting it all set up.
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    Great write up nighthawk!

    Look forward to seeing how you get on. Something I fancied attaching to my compressor but have never used one before.