Suspension, Steering and Brakes New shock absorbers fitted

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    Hi All,

    Just had to fit new shocks to my CR-V; however, I'm not really annoyed because it has done 145K - and shocks wear out - in this case, the nearside one was fubar (don't think many people repair them these days anyway). Timing could have been better as wife was taking daughter #2 to uni this weekend, but even with hiring a car for her to use, I still saved money overall by doing it myself. This is the second time I've replaced a set of shocks; first time was earlier on in the year, on my neice's Nissan Micra, assisting my brothers (team game!). CR-V was practically identical, except everything is a bit bigger. If anyone else needs to have a go at this job themselves, here are my tips:

    • You will probably need to replace the drop links, so buy them at the same time you get your shocks. On both my shock experiences we had to cut the drop links off with an angle grinder because the nuts had corroded so badly. I did try to save mine; failed on first side so didn't even try on the second side.
    • I had a mate help me - he brought more experience than me, and an different set of spring compressors to the set I'd borrowed off a neighbour. I got the struts out by myself but it was really handy having someone there to put them back in.
    • I watched Youtube video beforehand - although it was a US one and they replaced the whole strut complete with springs; I had to swap the springs over.
    The shocks I bought were KYB Gas shocks, which was what the local motor factors had. Will provide feedback in due course.

    Front tyres are also due for replacement; this will be done this week, and I'll get the tracking done at the same time.
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    These things seldom go 'at a convenient time'. At least you were able to do the job yourself and all is well.
    Dare I say that you were able to, 'Make it so Number One' :Thumbup: