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    Hi Guys, I'll also post this on the relevant forum section, but after loads of research we decided our next vehicle would be a Honda CR-V 3rd Generation. Ticked all our boxes and with a £5000 budget (I hate depreciation) duly purchased a 3rd Generation EX version with FSH and a new 12 month MOT. Driving back from the dealer (70 miles) the steering was awful at speed on the motorway. To cut a long story short - aired my concerns to the trader, my normal mechanic stated that IHO the car shouldn't have passed an MOT & following a requested VOSA re-test the car failed the MOT and has now been returned to the dealer with a full refund. I'm now having concerns whether the CR-V at our price point is a sound move? It appears from looking at numerous CR-V 3rd Generation MOT histories that steering play is a common issue with 3rd Generation CR-Vs after a certain mileage. I've also noticed underside corrosion frequently described. .
    I realise that the CR-V is a heavy car and that the suspension takes the brunt of this and frequently repairs to ball joints/suspension arms are invariably not undertaken by previous owners if only advisories, so I'm keen to understand the anticipated likely cost of having to replace the car's suspension parts before looking for another vehicle. At our price point the mileage of the car is likely to be over 80,000 miles and therefore suspension part replacement may be a necessity as opposed to a possibility? I'm no mechanic sadly so self fitting is never an option, but having a clearer idea of the likely cost to replace the car's suspension linkages as well as the actual shocks would help me to decide if in fact the 3rd Generation CR-V is the right option for us. Thanks