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    United Kingdom Jim Ware
    Have just taken ownership of a 2016 13,000 miles CR-V Petrol ,Automatic and have some questions not answered in the manual hopefully someone can answer

    1 In normal urban relatively short distances what average MPG should one expect
    2 Does the Eco mode make a significant difference consumption wise in urban commuting
    3 What is the primary objective in having the option to manually change gears
    4 Is there any advantage in using premium fuel compared to regular

    Thanks for anticipated replies
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    England Keith Essex
    In answer using using the same numbering as you:

    1. Can't speak for urban short distances as I've always used mine in predominately rural areas and in permanent ECO mode but do use it for towing a trailer and my average, as determined from brim to brim measuring over circa 15,000 miles since new, has been 34.9mpg. There is no doubt that the car returns a far better MPG at speeds in the 60-70mph where mine regularly shows returns of 36-40mpg on the computer. I therefore believe, purely from a MPG view, that it is not the best car for short urban driving.
    2. Can't say for reasons above.
    3. The paddles give you the ability to hold a particular gear, for example to overtake or provide engine braking on steep descents (the latter being very useful if towing).
    4. I've always used BP standard fuel as I believe it has a few more additives than the supermarket fuel but whether it provides a better MPG figure I can't say as I've nothing to compare it with. It is of course more expensive as well but on my low mileage it is irrelevant to me.

    Sorry I can't be more help but there may be other members with the same engine/gearbox set up whose use more closely matches yours.