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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by OriginalNuttah, Friday 3rd May, 2019.

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    New here, just wanted to drop a little introduction. I just purchased a EJ1 earlier this week. Needs some TLC but overall solid and genuine motor.

    Was really impressed with the way it drives and the way it handles. Surprisingly doesn't feel much heavier than the EK i owned last year for a whole week... lol Infact more responsive and lighter if anything..

    I daily a 98' CG4 Accord Coupe. Fantastic daily driver, ticks every box for me.

    Oh and I own a couple SB3 1.3 Civics too. This is, hand down, my all time favorite car I've ever owned. In terms of driving pleasure, handling and just pure raggo rawness. Even the boggo 1.3 50bhp unit is a absolute riot! And excellent fuel economy for a car from the 80s, avg 40-50mpg.

    I've taken one of road to be built into a track car and the other one will be going up for sale to raise funds for other projects.

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