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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by johnnyboxer, Tuesday 12th Mar, 2019.

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    United Kingdom Johnny Thirsk
    Hi, just thought I would join up.
    Been driving Honda since 2005, firstly a Diesel Accord and then onto CR-V's in 2008
    Had 1 2nd Generation ICTDI and the rest have been 3rd Generation's (1 ICTDI and 2 I-DTEC's)
    Currently running a Milano Red 2012 I-DTEC ES, with 90k on it and owned since new
    Traded it in today for a Petrol 3rd Generation Manual, a 2012 EX variant, with sub 30k
    Current anti Diesel murmurings have persuaded me to go PETROL
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    Hello @johnnyboxer welcome to Club H-Tune and thank you for your introduction.
    I know, its been bugging me too lol, haven't changed over yet.

    Please add your car to the Club Garage, you can also add your previous Honda's.
    Here are some useful information, please take a moment to go through them.
    "Popular Guides For New Members"
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    United Kingdom Johnny Thirsk
    Yep, been thinking for about 6-8 months.............but good used 3rd Generation's are getting scarce as production stopped in 2012

    So took the plunge this afternoon and bought a Honda Approved Used - it drove really nice too

    Petrol is 10ppl around here, so that will offset some of the reduce MPG, Diesel v Petrol scenario
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    Welcome to Club H-Tune @johnnyboxer :Hey:

    I see the Hondas have severed you well.