Engine & Gearbox Need someone with a h22 eg that I can physically meet and look at there car, having a major issue st

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by fatboi, Thursday 15th Aug, 2013.

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    Hey guys I really need help, my EG shakes violently when turning left.... I have innovative mounts that are only a year old and I believe hasport drive shafts... I've lowered it, hired it, moved the engine back and forth tilted it even changed the passenger side inner CV joint to an actual Prelude one and still.... Same problem.... I'm at a whits end and I'm debating selling my baby because of it please please please can someone help. Or know anyone that can help? Thanks guys
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    I was going with innovative mounts and hasport shafts was told it would be fine though,

    Have u tried ringing hond-r and speaking to maz?
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    Very strange...

    Since you've changed the nearside CV joint, I would check the ball joint (see if the castle nut is firmly on) check the tie rod. Raise that side of the car and move the wheel around (much like an MOT tester would). I would suspect it's a suspension related issue since you've already checked the drive shafts and the CV joint (which would be the other suspected cause).
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    Oh one last thing before you waste lots of time diagnosing a problem that might not exist, I have heard that if you're using Hasport shafts, it's best to use Hasport mounts too. I have even heard that not using Hasport mounts mean you'll have this problem. It's due to where the differential is in relation to the shafts, with one side being closer than the other (effectively the engine sits closer to one driveshaft than the other). Give Maz at Hond-R a call, explain to him you're using Innovative mounts with Hasport shafts. I hope I'm wrong and it's something simple. Let us know!
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    Check your bell housing bolts.
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    Not a fix to your problem, but a good upgrade is to do a h2b but will cost a bit.
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    Cars belongs to someone else and is all fixed
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    I have the car now Iv got it better than what it was I can get to 40mph now and go left anything over that and it goes nuts so slowly getting there now