Engine & Gearbox N22A1 Valve Stem Seals

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    Scotland Axel Kilbirnie
    Hey all,

    maybe someone knows:

    I want to replace, well get replaced :Innocent:, all stem seals. Now, there are apparently two different part numbers for in and ex.
    12210-PZ1-003 SEAL A, VALVE STEM (ARAI)
    12211-PZ1-003 SEAL B, VALVE STEM (ARAI)

    I bought some third party stem seals on EPay. The picture showed two different versions differenciated by two colours. I have now received them however they are the same colour and look all identical (at least to me). All 16 of them.

    Does anyone know if there should be any differences? Just in case I have bought two bags of genuine ones with the two different part numbers on them.

    Ta, Axel
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    United Kingdom Matt Derby
    Hey @Aggel321,

    There's a great way of checking this. Please send me a private message with your full VIN number and/or UK registration plate and I'll look up the part numbers for you. :Smile:

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    Scotland Axel Kilbirnie
    Hey Matt,

    thanks for your suggestion.

    However I have today received the genuine ones and they also look the same for in and ex.
    So it looks like there is no difference between them and it's just to separate them into two pairs of eight.

    So again thanks for you attempt to help.

    Now I just have to find the time (£££) to get it done.

    Ta, Axel
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    I doubt Honda made two different part numbers for the same part, it may not be apparent to the eye but there will be a difference somewhere, could be spring tension could be material thickness or any number of things,
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