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    Hi all

    A few weeks back i posted about the full detail i did on the wife's car (Civic). I wanted to practice/learn before doing my 8th Generation Accord Tourer. After 9-10hrs yesterday, i am happy with the end result, allbeit i am cream crackered today! :Smile:

    Here's the full process and pics:

    - Pre wash with Autobrite Magifoam and left to dwell for 5mins
    - Thorough rinse of wheels and body with powerwasher
    - Two bucket wash using Megs Shampoo Plus
    - Thorough rinse
    - Tar removed using Autosmart Tardis
    - Car de-iron'd using IronX
    - Car clay'd using G3 Pro Body Clay Mitt
    - Car dried using large microfibre drying towel
    - Car polished with Kestrel DAS6 with Scholls S17 and yellow Meguiars polishing pad
    - Car waxed with Collinite 845 insulator wax
    - Wheels dressed with Meguiars Tyre Gel
    - Plastic Trim dressed with Autobrite Trim Protectant

    Some thoughts post detail:

    - Car had reasonably bad swirls from previous owner and managed to remove the majority. Didn't manage to removed all or some light scratches. I think i might need to use a more aggressive pad and/or compound first to get this level of correct? Or should i have continued to work an area with more passes than the 3-4 passes i did on each area (where a full pass east-west-north-south)?
    - Scholls S17 is a good polish for correction but i found it a good bit harder to remove than M205

    Thanks again to @wanner69 for his help/guidance on doing the detail.


    20160712_152530. 20160712_152554. 20160712_152609. 20160712_152632.
    20160712_152646. 20160712_152701. 20160712_152735. 20160712_152752.
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    stunning.. its like the pictures are from Forza showcase where you can walk around the car and take picture. Good job!
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    Top notch OCD, oops I mean detailing.
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    Wow! Great detailing color and you did a fantastic job!!
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    Stunning work @bigroncoleman
    Making good use of that car new port :Smile:
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    Nice work buddy.good to know there's someone else as keen as me on detailing