Civic/5th Gen My new EG5 Project

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    I Have driven slow slow cars for two years now and am getting annoye at my mates beating me in their "cool" 1.2 corsa's ha. My mate with sence (adeecivic) has had Civic's since he passed his test and has got me hooked on honda now lol

    I've been looking and looking for a nice Civic with a B series engine for a while now and came across this eg5 with a B18C4 Conversion....


    got a test drive and loved it...VTEC is so addictive :Grin: ha

    The car was in really quite good condition, interior mint and bodywork excelent apart from The O/S rear quarter panel was all fillered and primed, we just thought it had gotten rusty and had been repaired. i bought the car got it home but i might have been to believing and this happened.


    i was promiced that the V5 Registration document was in the boys lock up and he would get me to come through when he got it out the next day, he never answered his phone the next day or the next etc....sooo bit of a problem i had as the tax had just ran out and you need a v5 to tax the car sooo

    Went to my local DVLA office to apply for a replacement v5...