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    Good morning folks. I've been torturing myself for the last 2 weeks looking at a 2011 CR-V 2.2 EX. It is in beautiful condition both inside and out but it has 98000 miles. Having never owned a diesel before I'm wondering;
    1. Should I be worried about the life of the turbo?
    2. How do I know if the DPF is ok?
    3. With such high mileage should I expect some major repairs soon?
    I'd really appreciate your advice.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Any 8 year old car carries significant risk. Old diesels even more so as the cost of repair is so much higher. DPF cannot be checked unless you remove it for pressure testing, unless someone can advise otherwise. Turbo is the same. If you get it cheap enough then maybe worth the risk.
    98,000 miles is not a problem for most diesel engines, and even with have a faultless service history there is no guarantees. The engine may be ok but the clutch, DMF, turbo, DPF etc etc

    WHy not avoid these possible high costs and go for petrol model?
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    Hi Sandy52. Thank you so much for your advice. I was avoiding the petrol because I noticed the MPG was a bit low. I do a 50 mile round commute every day so between this and my budget of £7000 I thought that diesel was probably the way to go. I have test driven two CR-Vs so far and I have to say i loved them. Thanks again.
  4. Matt at H-Tune Service Team H-Tune Staff

    In my opinion, 98k on an N22 isn't something to worry about. I've heard of these engines going to well over 200k if they're taken care of from members of this very forum.

    Providing you keep it serviced regularly, it'll keep on going.

    The DPF is only something of a concern if you don't give it a bit of a kicking on a motorway every now and then to make it regen (clear's the excess out of the filter when it's nice and hot). I imagine, with Summer trying to poke it's head out of the clouds, a trip or two up the motorway thousand miles or so will keep it in check. You can also get your DPF cleaned professionally for a fee.

    The earlier models suffered from belt routing cause alternator bearing failure and a couple of other issues like the DMF failing, but I'm pretty sure these issues were pretty much sorted by Honda around 2008/2009-at least, that's what I've found in my quest for a 2.2 CDTi Accord/Civic.

    Let us know if you need anything, we can provide all you'll need to service it. :Smile:

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    That's fantastic info Matt. I really appreciate it. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be the proud owner of said CR-V. Many thanks.
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  6. Matt at H-Tune Service Team H-Tune Staff

    No problem at all. :Smile: